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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by The Sandrone View Post
Whether it's Punk/Rock or Phil/Dwayne, I'll enjoy and look forward to the match regardless since I'm a huge mark for both guys.

That being said, whatever the choice is, the WWE Title better truly be what the feud is about and not rehashing what was said in the Rock/Cena feud. Not to say I wouldn't mind half a segment devoted to say... Punk ripping Rock as an actor and his movies (not necessarily that he left WWE for movies, but just that he's a bad actor (not that I think that)), but something like that should be... as I said, half a segment at best.

Punk's promo on the Raw 1001 opening where he talked about how he found it insulting that Rock would just act like he'd come in and take the WWE Title no problem after everything Punk has done to keep it, and the lack of respect Rock showed Punk (in Punk's eyes) should be what the feud is built around. Plus the fact he takes issue to the fact Rock is, as Punk would describe, "gifted" with a WWE Title match at the Royal Rumble.

"This is not a popularity contest. This is not ballet. This is the WWE and I am it's champion."

I can't wait until Rock actually finally retorts on a Raw. If he can keep things rolling from where Punk left off on Raw 1,001 and they can bounce the ball back and fourth in their promos how I know they can considering Punk is arguably the best mic worker currently and Rock is one of the best on the stick all time, then I'm sure there promos will build the feud perfectly and we'll see one hell of a match at the RR. Punk's had the best in-ring year of any worker in a long damn time and if there's anyone that Rock can have a classic with on the current roster, it's CM Punk.

Of course, I shouldn't get my hopes up. It'll probably be:

Punk: "NUH-UH!"
Rock: "Uh-huh!!!"
Good post. Heres to hoping that they are doing all this rehashed crap now to get it out the way for the good build.
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