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TNA's obsession with Stables.

I have been watching TNA on and off since it opened in 2002 and have noticed over the last ten years the amount of stables their have been. It's almost like everytime I watch a new stable is attempting to take over the company. I'm just gonna list a few;

Sports entertainment extreme
3 live kru (later 4 live kru)
The Latin American Exchange
Planet Jarrett
Kings of Wrestling
Triple X
Christian's Coalition
The Angle Alliance
The British Invasion
World Elite
Main Event Mafia
TNA Frontline
The Band
E.V 2.0
Aces & 8s

That is 17 in 10 years that I can name off the top of my head. Thats an average of nearly 2 a year so I guess my question is; What is TNA's obsession with Stables? Is it just lazy booking? Are TNA trying to recreate the past? (ie The NWO) Or is it something totally different.

IMO and as I have mentioned in previous post sure The NWO was cool back in the day but come on it's not 1996 anymore and it's certainly not going to gain ratings. People are bored of seeing the same storyline over and over and over again.
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