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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I agree with the top 2, but can't fathom the Mysterio match being on the bottom of that list. Shit that's a contender for Cena's top 5, alongside the Umaga match and then competing against the 2 HBK matches from 2007. Orton NWO 2008 match is golden, but their Summerslam 2007 match should really be on there imo ahead of both Edge matches as well as a few more on that list, namely the Backlash 4 way (good, but not better than Cena/Orton), the HBK Raw 09 match as well as as the Survivor Series 09 triple threat. Nice to see the HHH NOC 2008 match made it, always preferred it to Wrestlemania 22 aside from the Chicago crowd. Also good to see the RVD ONS match didn't make it, aside from Cena being ridiculously good in it and the ECW crowd making for a special atmosphere I've never really thought of it as one of his best matches and always get a little curious why so many list it as one of his best, memorable perhaps but certaintly not in terms of output, that being said RVD sucks pretty bad so I'm not surprised I don't really like the match all that much.

Don't really think the Batista matches should be there, much prefer the Lashley GAB 2007 match in terms of Cena working a modern day Babyface vs Babyface super main event, its also one of Cena's better career carryjobs. Both HBK matches would be ahead of the Edge TLC and the JBL I Quit match, would probably have them ahead of both Punk matches (Summerslam and NOC) as well.
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