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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The Champ is Here! Counting down the Top 25 Matches of John Cena's Career

So, while I've been posting list after list, I've managed to get a hefty amount of Wrestling watched over the past few months or so. The whole "WWE Championship" and "World Heavyweight Championship" lists were extremely fun, so I decided to kinda make it my thing, because well....I just really fucking love lists for some reason

This is going to be my first Superstar feature, and these lists will indeed feature both PPV AND TV bouts over the Superstar's career. Who am I going to start this off with ? None other than the current face of the WWE and one of the most polarizing figures in wrestling history ; John Cena. Yeah I know "Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks" has certainly become a staple at practically every live event nowadays, but I'm going to take personal preference aside and just look at the quality of Cena's matches and not his gimmick/character in itself. I believe that Cena is one of the true "great" workers of our time, and his match catalogue is up there with some of the all time greats. Let's get this thing started..


"Will Mysterio's dream become a nightmare?"

vs Rey Mysterio (Raw 2011) : *** 3/4


"HBK just superkicked Cena on top of Orton!"

vs Randy Orton vs Edge vs Shawn Michaels (Backlash 2007) : ****


"HBK and Angle are cancelling each other out"

vs Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle (Taboo Tuesday 2005) : ****


"Triple H unloads...PEDIGREE!"

vs Triple H (Raw 2009) : ****


"Cena has the odds stacked against him once again"

Team WWE vs Team Nexus (Summerslam 2010) : ****


"Cena has all the reason to be paranoid"

vs Shawn Michaels (Raw 2009) : ****


"Triple H, tonight I'm gonna do it AGAIN"

vs Triple H (Night of Champions 2008) : ****


"Kevin Nash just screwed CM Punk"

vs CM Punk (Raw 2011) : ****


"Cena, I WILL Pin you!"

vs Randy Orton (No Way Out 2008) : ****


"Can Cena and Michaels co-exist?"

w/Shawn Michaels vs Batista & The Undertaker (No Way Out 2007) : ****


"Michaels just kicked the game's head off!"

vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H (Survivor Series 2009) : ****


"What is it going to take to keep these men down?"

vs Edge (Last Man Standing ; Backlash 2009) : ****


"Why wasn't I the face of the WWE?"

vs Batista (Wrestlemania XXVI) : ****


"It's all on the line! Can the game hold on?"

vs Triple H (Wrestlemania XXII) : ****


"That isn't fair to Batista!"

vs Batista (Last Man Standing ; Extreme Rules 2010) : ****


"Behold the King...The King of Kings"

vs Edge vs Triple H (Backlash 2006) : ****


"They've been going for nearly a damn hour now!"

vs Shawn Michaels (Raw 2007) : **** 1/4


"The Showstopper's going for a ride!"

vs Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania XXIII) : **** 1/4


"JBL, you're going to SQUEAL the words I QUIT!"

vs JBL (I Quit ; Judgment Day 2005) : **** 1/4



vs Edge (TLC ; Unforgiven 2006) : **** 1/4



vs CM Punk (Night of Champions 2012) : **** 1/4


"Umaga's Frothing from the mouth!"

vs Umaga (Last Man Standing ; Royal Rumble 2007) : **** 1/2


"There can only be one WWE Champion"

vs CM Punk (Summerslam 2011) : **** 1/2


"Have we ever seen Cena manhandled like this?"

vs Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules ; Extreme Rules 2012) : **** 3/4


"Cena says NOT THIS WAY"

vs CM Punk (Money in the Bank 2011) : *****

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