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Re: MMA Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by TCE View Post
I would like Fitch if he made more of an attempt to atleast try to finish someone. I know, he plays the game by its rules. If he can lay on someone every fight for 15 minutes and win a decision, so be it. He picks up his paycheck and goes home. But that isn't going to win him any fans. If every fighter in the UFC did that, then the UFC would go out of business quickly. I just think he should make more of an effort in his fights to try and finish someone or atleast posture up and do some ground and pound. He doesn't do anything when he gets someone down. Even though your job is to win, you should try and entertain the fans as well who are the ones paying to see you actually fight, not dry hump someone round after round. I'm sorry, but his style of not fighting gets to me, because it is exactly that, not fighting.

I also agree, any opponent he is up against should be doing serious takedown defense in training, He's playing by the rules and getting a way with it but it's horrible to watch.

I understand why to a lot of people Fitch's fights are boring. But when you train you can appreciate the work he's doing. It's hard as fuck to manipulate and move another man's body around when he's resisting and attempting to get up all the time. One thing I wish Fitch would do more is sub people. He's so dominant on top that if he just went for the kill more, I think he would be finishing people left and right.

Same goes for Chael. He's strong as fuck and has a ridiculous top game, he uses his hands well to smother his opponents faces and he stays heavy on top and just smothers guys with his relentless pace. If he devoted a lot of his time to getting better at BJJ, he could be a destroyer of worlds. A guy with his ability and endurance in the top position and even if he just worked his way up to being a brown belt, he would seriously fuck guys up. We saw that a bit in the Stann fight. Like a lot of strong wrestlers he went with the Arm Triangle because it's easy to get, especially for someone like Chael. I'd love to see him work to side control or mount and get an Arm Bar on someone, or get mount and instead of just smothering them let them roll over and take their back. Maybe one day.
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