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Re: Rebook a WrestleMania


WWF Championship Match
Owen Hart (WWF Champion) vs Bret 'Hit Man' Hart

Owen defeats Bob Backlund for the title instead of Diesel, recieving a title opportunity in exchange for helping Backlund defeat his older brother. Owen reigns as champion throughout the start of 1995. Bret gets the Royal Rumble win and they meet in a feud closing finale - an match of epic proportions that will finally put their epic rivalry to bed. I'd book Bret to get the win (retribution for his defeat the previous year), establishing himself as the dominant face of WWF. The match could last all night and still be great but I'd give them thirty minutes to tell a great story in.

Grudge Match
Diesel vs Shawn Michaels

These two had a great feud in late 1994. I don't think that they needed the championship to prop up their feud as it was already exciting enough. I'd give them twenty minutes or so, enough time that they can put on a Hell of a show.

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match
Jeff Jarrett (IC Champion) vs British Bulldog

These two were both pretty reliable, I think. I'd like to have them battling against each other in a Ladder Match. Bulldog was wasted during this run. He put on some great matches and deserved a little taste of WWF gold. I'd book Bulldog to get the win in a twenty minute all out battle.

The Undertaker vs Bam Bam Bigelow

Bigelow deserved a main event run. I'd give him a huge push by putting him in a rivalry with The Undertaker. I think that these two could really surprise people given the chance; they were both big but also incredibly agile. I'd let them have twenty minutes and have them pull out all the stops. The match would end with the inevitable Undertaker win but maybe via DQ. I'd book a DQ, with the Million Dollar corporation helping Bigelow to attack and assault the Dead Man after the match.

Razor Ramon vs Tatanka

A midcard rivalry. I liked both of these guys and think that they could've put on a decent midcard grudge match. Tatanka was heeling it up at the time as part of the Million Dollar Corporation. Ramon was a great anti-hero babyface and could've had a great build up to this match. Ramon would get the heroic win.

WWF Tag Team Championship
The Smoking Gunns (Tag Team Champions) vs Hakushi & Yokozuna

I'd introduce Hakushi as the newest member of Mr. Fuji's heel stable in early 1995, and pair him with Yokozuna. The two opposing styles would combine to make a great duel assault. I'd book them to win the tag team championships at this PPV and give them a long run with it. This match would be a ten minute wonder - fast paced and full of spots.

Lex Luger vs 123 Kid

Lex Luger needed an overhaul at this point. He was floundering. They should've made him a bitter Narcissist (he was always better as a heel). If he started to turn in late '94, slowly getting more aggressive and hostile towards the crowds who refused to accept him (despite the push), he could be a white hot heel by Wrestlemania. I can imagine the rants about how he sold out and kissed asses for the approval of the people but now couldn't give a crap. He turns into a prick and starts bullying people - starting with 123 Kid. Their match at Wrestlemania would be a five or six minute match with plenty of fast paced offense from both men. Luger would get the win.

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