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Re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

I wrote this in the discussion thread, but I'm going to post it here because it has a lot of my thoughts on the leadup to BFG.

1. LOL @ "My nuts hurt!" Jeff is such a geek.

2. There really isn't much to the feud between Aries and Hardy. Their feud is probably going to continue after BFG, especially after Aries' promo and possible heel turn, but it's a shame that TNA couldn't do something to make their match at TNA's biggest PPV of the year feel like more than just a match. Right now, this feels more like a prologue than a first chapter.

3. Storm and Roode's feud has lost a lot of steam. I was hopefully they could use the four week leading to BFG to ignite the flames that were once there, but they haven't really done that. I'm sure the match will be great, but it could have been so much more. Once again, this feels like just a match.

4. Bully Ray will turn on Sting. That is all.

5. I chuckled at Kaz referring to Hogan as "Thunderlips".

6. The triple threat tag team match has some heat. It's not as much as one would like, but it's been a long time since the tag division has done something, so it's still a positive.

7. Magnus v Joe could have been so much more. Maybe not feud of the year, but at least something resembling of a feud. This feels like such a last minute angle, which it shouldn't considering it's been teased at for weeks.

8. So RVD had a chance to insert himself in any match at BFG and he choose a X Division match against Zema Ion? This guy is the biggest moron in the world. He has to get off the pot.

9. Zema Ion is probably going to drop the strap to No Job Rob.

10. Good show, but most of the feuds feel underdeveloped.

11. I hate when anyone on a wrestling show takes out a script, throws it away, and say they're going off the script. The promo didn't need that. He could have said everything he said without it. Thanks for breaking my suspension of disbelief.
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