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Re: PG Era and Linda McMahon?

WWE has been PG before Linda started going into politics and it was a business move for them to go PG and WWE is a business FIRST. The only people complaining about it are smarks, but smarks complain about everything and that going back to tv-14 is a lot easier said than done. What people don't get that the talent is what made the attitude era, not the content. You had the Rock, Stone Cold, DX, Undertaker, Kane, and Mankind. 1998 was very good, but 1999 was absolute shit as far as storylines went. WWE begin to officially be tv-14 toward the end of 1999 when the talent up and down the card was good and it had depth. People forget that with TV-14, there was also a lot of shit that came with it too so it wasn't all good all the time. People look at that time with rose tinted glasses, but fail to realize a lot of what's wrong with today's product started back during the Attitude Era. The hot potating of the WWE title, the mid card belts not meaning anything. Two up and coming wrestler's wrestling each other when it doesn't help either superstar get over.

Originally Posted by new_guy View Post
People complain about newer talent not getting over, but what they mean is that their favourite isn't getting over, everyone else can go to hell. I'm for as many people getting over as possible, it would improve the show and the more over people there are, the more avenues there are to push new talent, yes, your favourites are more likely to get pushed if there are more over people to feud with.
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