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Re: Bill Goldberg: Star or just hype?

Originally Posted by El Chapo View Post
Y'all in denial. Stevie Wonder can see that was a shitty wrestler. Cena can have a good match dragged out of him. Bret couldn't even drag a good match out of Goldberg.

Dude be serious, the streak made Goldberg. Thats what got him all his acclaim, because it damns sure wasn't mic skills or wrestling ability. It was anticipated because people wanted to see Goldberg come out & fuck shit up, it's all he was good at. That didn't happen and the Goldberg appeal was lost because that was his gimmick, to fuck shit up. He wasn't fucking shit up in WWE because their star power is on a different level. Guys got over on their look, talent, abilities, mic skills, a lot more then what Goldberg had to offer.

Again, fans wanted to see the monster, the machine, the guy who runs through the entire roster. Instead, we got the '99-'01 Goldberg, which was a completely different guy then what he got from '98-mid '99. What ruined him then was his dumbness. Sure, it was a reincarnation but the NWO revival was supposed to keep Goldberg going as a monster but he hurt himself. He comes back, turns heel (which got no interest from the fans) and when WCW realizes that, they have him feud with Russo, which was a ripoff of Austin/McMahon.

Anticipation of a debut means nothing in the grand scheme. If you can't live up to the hype, it was bust. Goldberg in WWE was bust. It's all about how you're booked. The best Goldberg could ever look was the way he was booked all the way until he fucked his arm up. Nothing else could of topped that. Which means, he was a one trick pony.

No way Goldberg is a better wrestler than Cena. Working with Cena seems to be pretty easy. Goldberg was green as baby shit and ended a career, all because he never developed actual wrestling ability and relied on power. Don't bring up the 5 knuckle shuffle and act like that covers Cena's whole career. Cena, for the first 2-3 years of his career, was an exceptional wrestler, miles ahead of Goldberg, who was injury prone. My theory is, if Bret can't drag a good match out of you, you really suck as a wrestler.
Goldberg's look, charisma and ring-performance ability is what made the streak possible, and why it was a huge success. WCW didn't originally plan on booking him that way. They just saw how increasingly over he was getting with the fans each week, and chose to ride the wave out. That's why I say "Goldberg made the streak".

According to you, Goldberg "lost his appeal" after the streak was over. How could he have lost his appeal if he was still arguably the most over star 5 years later? The fact that he went over WWE's #1 star in his debut match and was placed in the World Title picture a month later says it all.

You claim his WWE career was a "bust". In what world? He defeated The Rock, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and held the World Title for several months.

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