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Re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

I'm still going by the microscopic chance that the moron will only be there to count the fall. Maybe have INTENSE STAREDOWNS w/both a la Ken Shamrock at WrestleMania 13. That will work. He needs to do nothing and let the real talent do what they're gonna do.

Aside from that one note, Impact got me very pumped for the show. I got to say on paper it is looking really good. Addition of what should hopefully be a fun match for the X Gold only adds to it. I like that RVD is working vs a virtual unknown in Zema Ion. RVD has only really been in the ring with established guys in TNA so I like the new change here. Lets see if Ion can get RVD motivated for his match. Or it being at BFG will do it.

Really hyped for Joe/Magnus now too. Kind of just not dawned on me that Magnus is getting his own singles match at the biggest PPV of the year. He had his moment in 2009, but now this is truely his match. No better opponent to have it against than another deserving talent in Samoa Joe. Lets hope these guys can really tear it up together. Strong chemistry as a team. Now lets cross our fingers that it will translate to when they're opponents.

One final thing to add here and that's how Impact ended. Finally, FINALLY the build for Aries/Hardy reached a fever pitch. That promo by Aries lit a fire behind this, behind my interest, and behind the real progression of where this is headed. Don't know if I can say Aries went full heel tonight, however, that heat might follow him over to Arizona come Sunday. Sheesh what a promo. Talk about taking a page out of the Punker's book. Loved it for what it was. Hard pressed for me to really think all of it was scripted (too naive?). That's sometimes the route you need to take to makes things better. Make it more legit. Always seems to add that little bit more. The kayfabe fantasy is always enough to sell us as fans, sure. Yet I know a lot would probably agree with me that throwing in some honest elements in the mix is always a recipe for a better program.

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