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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by Frakkles View Post
Has it really come to the point that people feel like 'only certain people are worthy of Rock'?

I knew he was above and beyond the majority of this roster but how else do you make people into stars? Jobbing them out to The Rock? NO! That's fucking stupid because Rock's just going to up and leave. Nobody gains anything from that in the long-term. Sure, WWE will make money out of him but they'll cost themselves money by using someone who's not even a permanent member of the roster beating them all.

Rock has NEVER had an issue with doing the job for ANYONE and I know for a fact that losing to Ziggler or Bryan wouldn't change a single thing he has done in the past. It wouldn't ruin the Rock's legacy, it would probably make him that much more memorable were he to put over a heel Daniel Bryan for the title after an epic Rumble-Mania build.

Cena over Rock? Boring.

Punk over Rock? Better but Punk is already a fucking star.

Orton over Rock? See Punk.

What is the point in having Rock come in and do another match if you're not actually going to try to use him to get someone else over? What does Rock losing to Cena, Orton or Punk achieve? Nothing. Nobody gains anything from that on either side.

Now I could go with Brock Vs Rock but then you need to take the winner and have HIM lose to someone new.

And I get the "beating Yoshi Tatsu on Superstars" to "beating Rock at Mania" jump is crazy but, in an ideal world, WWE would actually push the guy beforehand rather than job him out (although that's relatively obvious).
Maybe if The Rock was losing on a B ppv it would be acceptable but him losing at a big 4 ppv to a wrestler from this generation will not cut it at all. Nobody believes a guy like Bryan,Ziggler,Barrett,etc has a chance at beating the rock
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