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Re: WWF 1995: The New Generation

WWF Monday Night Raw | January 16 | 1995

The Raw video package plays and Vince McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon welcome us to the show. We are 6 days away from the Royal Rumble. The tag team champions The Heavenly Bodies are already in the ring with their manager Jim Cornette. Vince and Gorilla plug tonight’s show and since Shawn Michaels is in action tonight, Gorilla Monsoon is doing commentary with Vince McMahon tonight.

Match 1: Tag Team Title Match
The Heavenly Bodies (c) vs Bob Holly and Aldo Montoya
Aldo Montoya and Bob Holly then made their way to ringside. This was a quick fast paced match with both teams hitting fast paced moves. The Heavenly Bodies hit some nice double team moves on Bob Holly to take control. Aldo Montoya tried getting in but he was restrained by the ref as Holly was taking a lot of punishment from the Heavenly Bodies. Tom Prichard and Jimmy Del Ray made quick tags and continued to do some nice team work. Holly then reversed an irish whip and came back with a clothesline. He tags Aldo Montoya and Montoya comes in and hits some right hands on Tom Prichard and follows up with a dropkick. Montoya went up to the top rope and hits a crossbody and got a 2 count. The Heavenly Bodies gained control again when Jimmy Del Ray got a cheapshot on Montoya. Prichard hits a gutwrench suplex and gets a 2 count. Tom Prichard then missed a top rope legdrop and Aldo makes the tag to Holly as Prichard tags Del Ray. Now Holly hits the tag team champions with lefts and rights, Holly comes off the ropes but Del Ray catches him with a kneelift. Del Ray hits a suplex and gets a 2 count. The Gigolo Jimmy Del Ray catches a boot in the corner and Holly hits a dropkick off the top rope and Prichard breaks up the pin. Aldo Montoya gets in to help his partner out but gets backdropped to the floor by The Heavenly Bodies. Prichards then holds Holly and Del Ray hits a moonsault of the top rope to win the match and retain the tag team titles. Jim Cornette is so proud of his team. A very impressive win for the Heavenly Bodies, will they hang on to the belts at the Rumble? We will find out this Sunday when they face The Smoking Gunns.
Winners: The Heavenly Bodies

The King's Court
Special Guest: The Undertaker and Paul Bearer
The King’s Court is set up and Jerry Lawler is running down the fans. Jerry Lawler discussed the feud between The Undertaker and Doink. Doink’s played several pranks on many superstars but Lawler thinks the pranks Doink’s played on The Undertaker have by far been the best. Lawler then calls out The Undertaker and Paul Bearer. Lawler wants the lights back on and Undertaker puts the lights back on and Lawler seems freaked out. Lawler states that Doink is the master of mindgames. He will find a way to outsmart The Undertaker, he knows what it takes to beat The Undertaker this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. Doink’s got plenty of tricks up his sleeves. Lawler states that The Undertaker has had some bad luck over the last 2 Royal Rumble events. Last year his career was almost ended. Paul Bearer tells Jerry Lawler that The Undertaker always makes his enemies pay. He sent an 8ft tall Giant out of the WWF and Yokozuna has never been the same since The Survivor Series. As for Doink, he doesn’t understand what he’s getting himself into. Many others tried to make a name for themselves against The Undertaker and all there was left was bodies. Doink’s tombstone is ready and so are 28 other bodies. 29 bodies, 29 caskets. Undertaker then said the time has finally come for The Grim Reaper to destroy the evil clown Doink once and for all. He will make Doink suffer, he will make him pay for his evil actions. After he’s done with Doink, the clown will be left in no position to compete in the Rumble match. The Undertaker said he’s going to bury all his Rumble match opponents as they will fall victim to The Undertaker. Jerry Lawler said Undertaker will be a marked man and he can not wait to see many of the superstars gang up on The Undertaker and eliminate him.

Jerry Lawler then looks at Paul Bearer and tells him that Undertaker intimidates everyone with his size but he doesn't scare Doink and it will be The Undertaker that will rest in peace. Lawler absolutely loved what Doink did to the creatures of the night and Lawler starts laughing wildly. Lawler says without the urn The Undertaker is nothing. Lawler talks about how Diesel and Bret Hart tried to humiliate him when they put his crown on. Well it’s time for The King to humiliate The Undertaker because he’s not afraid of him. Lawler says “no one has ever dared to put your hat on, how about you try my crown on and I try your hat on?” Gorilla Monsoon thinks Lawler is making a huge mistake here. Paul Bearer warns Jerry Lawler not to make that mistake. Lawler tries taking Undertaker’s hat off and Undertaker grabs Lawler by the throat and wait a minute Doink appears out of nowhere and attacks The Undertaker. It’s a set up. Lawler gets the urn off Paul Bearer and hands it over to Doink. Doink then nails The Undertaker with the urn right across the head. The Undertaker sits up and Doink and Lawler are freaked out and quickly rolled out of the ring and left ringside as they retreat up the entrance aisle. Paul Bearer holds The Undertaker back. It’s going to take a lot more than that from Doink to keep The Undertaker down. Undertaker then stares down Doink. Undertaker does his cut throat motion sending a message to Doink as The Undertaker’s music plays. This is going to be the biggest match of Doink’s life and he’s getting himself into a lot of trouble this Sunday when he squares off against The Undertaker. Gorilla Monsoon thinks Doink is a coward and he will have plenty of tricks up his sleeves and said don’t be surprised to see several Doinks help him out against The Undertaker because Doink will probably do something like that. Well several men did try to destroy The Undertaker last year when Undertaker faced Yokozuna at the Rumble. Now what will happen this Sunday when Undertaker faces Doink?

Match 2
Bret Hart vs I.R.S.
I.R.S makes his way down to the ring with his manager Ted Dibiase. Bret Hart then makes his way down to ringside and this is Bret’s first singles match since The Survivor Series. The WWF Champion Big Daddy Cool Diesel then came out for commentary. Diesel sarcastically asks where Shawn Michaels is since he’s usually been doing announcing with Vince. Vince said Shawn is in action later on tonight. Gorilla Monsoon said or maybe Shawn’s afraid of Diesel and Diesel starts laughing. The match begins with both men trading wristlocks with Bret getting the upper hand until I.R.S holds the ropes so Bret breaks the hold. They lock up again and I.R.S kicks Bret to the gut and grabs a headlock on Bret. He sends Bret into the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder block. He then drops a few elbows and works on Bret’s knee. The fans start an Irwin chant and this doesn’t go well with the tax man. He then gets an abdominal stretch on Bret but holds on to the ropes and gets caught by the ref and he has to break the hold. Bret continues to take punishment from I.R.S. Vince and Gorilla ask Diesel whether he can escape the sharpshooter? Diesel says he knows that Bret is a great wrestler, Diesel believes he can escape the sharpshooter. Diesel states that this time Bret won’t be getting up from the jackknife. I.R.S then goes up top going for an elbow but Bret gets his leg up hitting Schyster right in the jaw with his foot. Bret then delivers some right hands to I.R.S in the corner and then whips I.R.S hard into the corner. Suplex by Bret and gets a 2 count. Backbreaker and follows up with an elbow drop and Bret gets a 2 count. Russain legsweep and another near fall. Bret tries going for a sharpshooter but Ted Dibiase got on the apron only for Diesel to pull Dibiase down. I.R.S from behind hits Bret with a knee to the back. He goes for the write off but Bret hangs onto the ropes as I.R.S hits the mat. Bret then made I.R.S submit to the sharpshooter to pick up the win. Bret then celebrates in the ring and then looks at Diesel and motions for the WWF Title. Diesel then raises the belt in the air and what a match this will be between the two leaders of the new generation at the Rumble this Sunday.
Winner: Bret Hart

A Royal Rumble Report plays with Todd Pettengill who runs down the final card for the Royal Rumble. Todd goes over the list of all 30 participants competing in the Royal Rumble Match. We hear pre-recorded comments from some of the participants including Bam Bam Bigelow and Tatanka. Back at ringside, Vince McMahon predicts that Lex Luger or Yokozuna will win the Rumble. Gorilla Monsoon predicts that The Undertaker will win the Rumble.

Match 3: 6 Man Tag Team Match
The British Bulldog, Razor Ramon and The 123 Kid vs Owen Hart, Shawn Michaels and Jeff Jarrett
All six men made their entrances. The action was intense in this match. Great back and forth match. The 123 Kid started the match with Shawn Michaels as Michaels controls the match in the early going. Michaels tags Owen as Owen went for a backdrop but Kid counters in mid air with a drop kick. He tags Razor and Razor gets his hands on Owen. Razor hits Owen with a right hand, Razor then whips Owen hard into the turnbuckle and then hits a clothesline. He tags The British Bulldog. Bulldog hits a suplex and got a 2 count. Owen then comes back with a thumb to the eye and sends Bulldog in the corner and starts stomping away on Bulldog. Owen tags Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett sends Bulldog into the ropes and hits a dropkick and instead of going for a cover he starts strutting in the ring. Bulldog then comes back with a clothesline and tags The 123 Kid. Kid uses his quickness and gets a few near falls on Jarrett. The 123 Kid bounces off the ropes but Owen with a cheapshot allowing the heels to gain the momentum. The heels then exchange tags as The 123 Kid takes a lot of punishment. 123 Kid then reverses a whip and nails Jarrett with a spinning heel kick. Both men are down, Jarrett makes the tag to Michaels and The 123 Kid tags Razor Ramon. Razor and Michaels exchange blows, Michaels with a thumb to the eye comes off the ropes but Razor catches him and drops him with a fallaway slam and got a 2 count. Razor whips Michaels into the corner and runs into an elbow. Michaels throws Razor over the top rope and then distracts the ref as The Roadie gets a few cheapshots on Razor and sends Razor back in.

Michaels tags Jarrett and Jarrett works on Razor’s knee. He then puts the figure four leg lock on Razor. Razor desperately trying to make the ropes and he does. Jarrett brings Razor back up to his feet and goes for a right hand, Razor ducks and delivers a back suplex. Both men are down and Jarrett makes the tag to Owen while Razor tags The Bulldog. Bulldog then cleaned house with several clotheslines on Owen, Jarrett and Michaels who all got in. Bulldog then hit the powerslam on Owen and went for a pin but Michaels breaks up the pin. All six men are now in the ring brawling. The match ends when the referee loses control and disqualifies both teams. The Roadie gets in and now it's 4 on 3. Tatanka comes down to stop The Roadie. Now several other superstars hit the ring as pandemonium has broken loose on Raw. The ring is now filling up. We are having a Royal Rumble going on right now as the dressing room is emptying and oh my goodness here comes Yokozuna. So much action going on inside and outside the ring. King Kong Bundy fighting it out with Mabel outside the ring, Yokozuna is throwing many men over the top rope. Yokozuna is clearing the ring here, he is unstopabble. Vince McMahon says who's going to throw this monster over the top rope this Sunday? Vince believes no one can as Vince and Gorilla Monsoon thank the fans for tuning in and they will see them this Sunday for The Royal Rumble as Raw goes off the air.
Result: Double Disqualification

WWF Superstars | January 21 | 1995

The Headshrinkers defeated 2 jobbers

Lex Luger defeated Duke The Dumpster Droese

Mr Bob Backlund defeated The Undertaker by count out when Doink was underneath the ring and held onto Undertaker’s ankle causing Undertaker to lose by count out. Undertaker tries grabbing hold of Doink but Backlund hits Undertaker from behind. Undertaker fights back against Backlund and Doink and Doink gets away from The Undertaker and watches on from the entrance way. Undertaker sends Backlund back in and hits the tombstone on Backlund. Undertaker then does his cut throat motion sending a message to Doink that this Sunday, Doink will Rest in Peace.

WWF Title Match: Diesel (c) defeated King Kong Bundy. A very impressive win for Diesel as Diesel hands Bundy his first defeat since Bundy returned in October. Bret Hart came down to watch the match near the entrance way and congratulated Diesel on his victory. Diesel then stares Bret down and Diesel held up the WWF Title.

The Heartbreak Hotel with Shawn Michaels
Also on the show, The Heart Break Hotel returns. Shawn Michaels is in the ring and brings back The Heartbreak Hotel. Shawn first has a few things to say about Diesel. Shawn said if it wasn’t for him, Diesel wouldn’t have ever been a star here in the WWF. After everything he’s done for him and Diesel made the worst mistake of his life at Survivor Series and now Diesel thinks he’s on top. Shawn says he made Diesel and Shawn said Diesel can never be better than The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. Shawn then calls out The British Bulldog who’s the special guest tonight on The Heartbreak Hotel. The British Bulldog came out to the ring. This Sunday at the Rumble, The British Bulldog will be taking on The Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart. Shawn first reminds The Bulldog that HBK beat The Bulldog to become Intercontinental champion for the very first time. Shawn thinks Bulldog will have an unlucky night at the Rumble because not only will he not win the Intercontinental title, he won't win the Rumble either. That will make The Bulldog the biggest loser of the night. Bulldog talks about the Rumble. 30 of the best are going to be competing to see who will go onto WrestleMania to compete in the main event and Bulldog said he’s going to win. He’s going to make sure he’s going to throw Michaels over the top rope. Shawn tells Bulldog to keep on dreaming. Shawn then tells Bulldog that he has another guest and that’s the new Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart. Owen Hart came out and said he’s made his sister Diana proud because he’s the only Hart family member who’s currently holding a title. In his first title defense he vows to beat his brother in law The British Bulldog.

The British Bulldog said after what Owen did at The Survivor Series, it’s time for Owen to pay for his actions. The British Bulldog plans on making Owen one of the shortest reigning Intercontinental champions of all time. Owen responds back and said 1995 is his year, he’s already on a roll. His goal is to do everything better than his brother Bret. He will become a better Intercontinental champion than Bret Hart. Then just like Bret did last year, Owen said he will do it better than Bret because history will not repeat itself because we won’t be having 2 winners. Owen claims that he’s going to be the last man left standing in the ring. This brings out last year's co-winner and one of the odds on favourites for the Rumble, Lex Luger. Owen asks Luger what is he doing here, he’s not supposed to be out here. Luger said he actually came out to agree with Owen because this time there won’t be two winners again. Luger starts bragging about his win last year. Luger says a lot of people are going to go after him because he won it last year, he’s the favourite but he’s ready so bring them on. Bring on The Undertaker, Bring on Yokozuna, Bring on anybody because Lex Luger is going to win it. Now when Yokozuna first won the Rumble 2 years ago, it took many men to throw him out but they couldn’t get the job done. Luger points out that a few months later he was the first man to slam Yokozuna.He’s the only guy in the Rumble that can eliminate him and if anyone wanted to place bets, they would get lucky if they bet on Lex Luger. Luger tells Shawn Michaels that Pamela Anderson won’t be looking at The Heart Break Kid, she’ll be having her eyes on Lex Luger. Luger talks about his physique, he tells The British Bulldog that he’s more powerful than him, he’s got a better body than him.

Owen cuts him off and talks about how Luger blew that huge opportunity of becoming champion and failed at WrestleMania 10 while Owen said he beat Bret last year at WrestleMania. Luger said ever since he joined The Million Dollar Corporation, he’s been successful. He’s yet to taste defeat since joining The Corporation. Luger said he’s so confident that he’s going to win the Rumble and finally he will become the WWF Champion at WrestleMania. Owen Hart: “A lot of you guys have got high expectations but the King of Harts is going to win the Royal Rumble.” Razor Ramon made his way out and Owen already starting gloating about his Intercontinental title win against Razor. Razor said “Hey yo. You know something chico, after losing the Intercontinental title man, Razor Ramon’s a man on a mission. Down in Tampa, I’m very close to home to Miami Florida.This will be the first Royal Rumble match for the bad guy. It doesn’t matter if I’m #1, #30 or anywhere in between, I’m walking out of the Rumble as the winner and will go on to main event WrestleMania.” Shawn cuts him off and said “I got news for ya, I’m gonna go through 29 of the biggest and the baddest. I'm going to the one who will be left standing tall at the end arm and arm with Pamela Anderson. I’m going to become WWF Champion at WrestleMania. Now turn out the lights, it's checkout time.” Michaels shoves Razor into Owen which starts a brawl in the ring and Michaels rolled out of the ring as all four men brawl. Jerry Lawler talks about how smart Shawn Michaels is and Vince McMahon tells the fans that we will see you all this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.

WWF Wrestling Challenge | January 22 | 1995

Hakushi defeated a jobber

Doink defeated Kwang

Man Mountain Rock defeated a jobber

Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Adam Bomb

Also on the show Jim Ross conducts an interview with the tag team champions The Heavenly Bodies along with their manager Jim Cornette. Jim Cornette says his team are the greatest tag team in the WWF and they will go on to dominate the tag team division for a very long time. Since The Smoking Gunns haven’t wrestled in a while due to Bart’s injury, Cornette thinks they don’t have what it takes to beat The Heavenly Bodies. Since becoming champions, his team has defeated the very best teams the WWF has to offer and they will put The Gunns back on the injury list again once they’re through with them at the Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble 1995
Final Card

January 22nd 1995, Tampa, Florida

Main Event
30 Man Royal Rumble Match

Winner gets title shot at WrestleMania XI
The Undertaker, Lex Luger, Yokozuna, Bob Backlund, Shawn Michaels, The British Bulldog, Razor Ramon, Owen Hart, Jeff Jarrett, Bam Bam Bigelow, The 123 Kid, Hakushi, Tatanka, Rick Martel, Crush, King Kong Bundy, I.R.S, Doink, Adam Bomb, Man Mountain Rock, The Roadie, Henry Godwinn, Kwang, Duke the Dumpster Droese, Aldo Montoya, The Headshrinkers, Men on a Mission and Papa Shango

WWF Title Match
Diesel (c) vs Bret Hart

WWF Intercontinental Title Match
Owen Hart (c) vs The British Bulldog

The Undertaker vs Doink The Clown

Tag Team Title Match
The Heavenly Bodies (c) vs Smoking Gunns

There it is, the final hype shows for The Royal Rumble. A Royal Rumble preview along with the predictions contest will be up soon. Hope you all enjoy the show. The Royal Rumble show will be up next week.

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