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Re: Classic Jobbers: The Mulkeys

Originally Posted by Greenlawler View Post
I remember this well. I think it is hilarious how they had no idea how to act, I mean seriously act. Its like someone grabbed them backstage and told them "Okay, after you win, I want you guys to raise your hands up in the air like you are shocked". Then they went out there and just kept raising their hands in disbelief over and over again because they did not have any clue what else to do. I counted, I thought it was so funny. Between the two of them there were about 21 hand raisings.

I loved the jobbers. In the Memphis area we had Pat Hutchinson. He made the Mulkey's look cut. We had native American jobber Speedy Tall Tree. We also had a masked guy in pink called...get this "The Pink Panther". We also had Keith Eric (who actually looked decent) who probably lost to Lawler 180 times alone, and I will never forget Freezer Thompson a William "the Fridge" Perry knock off who scored a smattering of wins along a horrid career.

Thanks for the memories I hope you give us more Classic Jobber segments.

BTW...you have to watch one of the videos offered at the end of the Mulkey video. The one called Best Wrestling Promo ever, cut by a guy I have never heard of Jumping Jeff Farmer....awesome. I looked him up and wikipedia says he is the guy who was nWo Sting. That can't be right can it? If it is, it's even more hilarious.
Yeah I miss the jobbers too. I do have a couple more Classic Jobber ideas in mind, but gonna need to do some research first. Couple of my personal favorite WWF jobbers are on tap next.

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