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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Best false finishes in recent memory:

-Taker kicking out of the tombstone at WM27 was something else. I really thought I was going to have to add HHH to my permanent "shit" list as the ref was counting the 1-2. I actually thought the match could've ended on the third pedigree, but I genuinely believed Taker was done with that tombstone.

-Barrett kicking out of the AA at HIAC is another one I thought wasn't going to happen. He looked really strong coming out of the match because of that, even if he didn't win clean (not like I was expecting it anyway).

-Batista kicking out of the tombstone at SVS 2007 in the cell was something I was not expecting. To that point the last time I could think of someone kicking out of the tombstone was WM14. I was sure Taker had the title won there, but Batista kicking out shocked me.

-Punk kicking out of the second AA at NOC is up there with WM27. Now I realize CM Punk kicked out of two AA's at MITB 2011, but he was a quasi-face at that point and being in his hometown, you could somewhat expect that. NOC though... it was unreal for him to kick out of two AA's imo. He was a full-blown heel and full-blown heels don't kick out twice of their opponent's finisher. Add to that it was so late in the match and you felt it could end at any moment, not to mention much like WM27, the wrestler I marked for had something that had been going on for a long time on the line against a guy who I wasn't particularly a fan of. So there was some emotional investment there and Cena popping up, hitting the second AA, and going right on Punk for the cover I knew it was over. Punk kicking out of that was unreal to me and it still is watching it back.

Then they go and have him get pinned by not even by an AA, but a stupid back suplex pin off the top rope, where he only just got lucky he was on top of Cena. I suppose they had to find some way to get them both pinned, but it would've been nice if it at least looked like Punk somehow maneuvered his way onto Cena. Or if Cena hit the move closer to the ropes, Punk grabs the rope with his hand, the ref counts the 3, Cena thinks he won and everyone thinks the ref somehow didn't see the hand on the rope, and Cena celebrates as he did. The announcer then states "The winner of this match... and still WWE Champion, CM PUNK!" To a lot of confusion and heat, and it doesn't really get explained until Raw, which would've been an amazing hook to find out how Cena was pinned (not necessarily how Punk wasn't). They basically do the same promo they did on Raw with Heyman, Punk, and the referee.

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