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Re: Homeland Season 2

Originally Posted by TKOK! View Post
If that was the case, then why would Estes try walk out of the meeting with the reporter while Brody was still going through his stuff. the only reason he didn't walk out was the reporter came up with the idea of dinner.

Unless they don't know that each other are both working for Nazir.
This was my reasoning for thinking Estes could be the mole. Brody was missing for years. In that time, Nazir surely made other contacts in the US that Brody wouldn't know about and based off that Hammad chick, not all in the govt.

Originally Posted by scrilla View Post
Estes OKed the hit on Nazir too. he didn't text him, Brody did. Estes isn't the mole he's just a dumbass.

i think the hispanic guy (forget his name) that went to get Carrie while she was teaching in episode 1 COULD be the mole. even that is pretty farfetched imo. he did go and get Estes out of the office when Brody took the safe though. it's likely someone we haven't seen. they might just ditch the whole mole thing anyway. other than the code to Estes safe, it hasn't been really brought up at all.
Yeah, Galvez. I thought about that too. Something about him just seems off to me. Besides him getting Estes out of the office something I read on another board made sense too. When the whole thing with Faizel was going down, he was the only one on the roof of Faizel's house and he went on about it being a clean shot at Marine One, even though that wasn't the plot at all. I could be way off, but it could be something.

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