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Re: Dixie Carter takes advantage of Alberto Del Rio incident

Originally Posted by jeller View Post
Why because it turned out to be true, why should I be embarrassed at least Dixie is not exploiting someone dying, trying to cash in on the moment on a massive scale mentioning no names Benoit, if anyone should be embarrassed it's trolls like you and the rest of the usual suspect's who always have to put the boot in.
So now that the idea that this actually happened has been hammered into your skull, you have switched over to the new TNA soldier defence, of defending Dixie Carter herself and her actions as well as insulting Vince, who absolutely nobody mentioned

This is extremely sad my friend.

At no point did I say whether this good or bad. I have no stated that

My problem is with your immense hypocrisy and and the fact you are so goddamnn delusional that you would not accept something that was proven to have happened evenn though everyone including a mod confirmed it, but now finally that you did accept it, you immediately launched a completely unrelated attack on Vince McMahon, somehow bringing in Chris Benoit (not to mention the irony of your post. Exploiting death is wrong, but so is wiping out a murderer from history? wat?)

Nobody is questioning dixie's integrity. If she's doing this as a fellow mother who feels bad for someone, more power to her, but dont bullshit me about this can never happen in TNA. TNA fans pride themselves on how their heels are edgier and do far more than this. Like I said, they have a fricking main eventer called BULLY ray

But you know what the real problem is? Your delusion, your sad, very sad delusion to make excuses even when theyre not needed, and then hypercritically switching your opinion and trying to change the subject by bringing in completely UNRELATED factors. It reminds me of a japanese soldier stuck on an island in the 1970s. The war long over, but still screaming and shooting at americans who come near the island to the end.

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