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Re: Lucha Libre Match/Show Discussion/Reviews

Just a few news from TheCubsFan.

1. AAA’s 3rd major show of the year, Heroes Inmortales VI, was a busy day for Halloween. Halloween subbed in the opener and won the mixed tag title with Mari Apache (but has yet to win Mari’s heart), then lost the main event and his hair in a domed cage match. Other outcomes intended to build to future shows include Jeff Jarrett humiliating LA Park, Texano winning Copa Antiono Pena over Mesias via foul, and Mini Charly Manson defeating Mascarita Dorada via foul. Joe Lider & Vampiro picked up the tag titles match over Abyss & Chessman in the other title change of the show. Building was said to be 75% full at bargain prices.
AAA’s first Fusion taping took place. The show was more notable for being a TVC Deportes and having a totally different group of sponsors than the main show than any of the results. A new Infierno Rocker, Uro Rocker, debuted in the undercard. Texano and Mesias ran in each other’s matches. This show debut on TV tonight.
AAA’s Arena Naucalpan taping took place in front of a loud crowd and set up matches for both Heroes Inmortales and the following week’s IWRG show, though both of those events have taken place before this taping has actually aired. This was the start of the Texano/Mesias feud, which appears destined to be the title match at Guerra de Titanes.
Mercurio and Fantasy will meet in a mask match this Sunday. Diamante Azul and Volador are in the main event, after they had issues in last week’s match.
Dragon Rojo defeated Prince Devitt to become double middleweight champion. Opinions of the match widly varied.
Rayo de Jalisco Jr. took the money and didn’t run, no-showing a heavily promoted match in Arena Coliseo Monterrey. The promoters and opponent Blue Demon Jr. and buried him.

Other stories
After touring Japan for over a month and some CMLL weirdness, Dark Angel appears to be back in her home promotion without any interruption
Ultimo Guerrero continues to have issues with now former partners Rey Escorpion and Dragon Rojo
In IWRG, Comando Elite member Ryan won the IWRG Welterweight Championship, and Angel won the IWRG Middleweight Championship for a cage match.
Magnus returned to CMLL, just before the second season of El Luchador debuts. He had been indefinitely suspended at the end of the first season.
Another, totally separate reality show, “En Busca de un Idolo”, debuted on Fox Sports + in Mexico. This one follows the tournament of the same name from earlier this year, and seems to be explaining things which weren’t all that clear at the time. It would be a great help to the promotion, if it wasn’t on an obscure channel (which CMLL couldn’t even correctly identify) and airing months after the matches took place.
Volador finally beat Prince Devitt when it didn’t matter.
Perros del Mal ran a show, which was more notable for who didn’t wrestle (Hector Garza, mystery illiness), then anything that actually happened.
Mistico won his first title, the Gimansio Nuevo Leon based “Lucha Libre Azteca Championship”. It’s a meaningless title that’s been ignored by CMLL so far.
Super Muneco lost his hair in a cage match to Super Muneco.
AYM advertised a FULL (Tinieblas Jr.) taping with CMLL wrestlers as “Lucha Libre AAA”. It’s a wonder they can manage to keep the channel on air.
People keeping their titles: Virus, Cien Caras Jr., Mil Mascaras (!)
Mask maker Kalery Avlador passed away.

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