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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
Not a big fan of CAWs either. Some of them look pretty damn good, dont get me wrong. But it really fucking grinds on me that their names are "THE SUPERSTAR" or "THE VILLAIN". It shouldnt bother me, but it really really does.

If I'm using a CAW, it's gunna be one that I've made based on what I'd want in a wrestler's look.

I can't really buy the "they have time constraints"...games like Madden and NHL--which are also "yearly" games--deal with similar time constraints, and put out stunning models every year. I think shit models are more due to laziness, and the fact that, like you said, the tools at their disposal are limited. I'm still wondering why they dont use the tool that TNA was using on their games. Those models were phenomenal.
That TNA game had so much potential it's insane. If Midway made a sequel that had larger, more distinctive movesets, less glitches and more bells and whistles such as new match types, it could've easily been GOAT. The reversal system was SICK.

I don't know what sculpting software they used for the TNA game, but I know that Midway used the Unreal 3 Engine and THQ/Yuke's used their own 1st party Engine that they've been evolving since they broke off from AKI. THQ did licence the U3E from Epic games back in 2006-ish, but they've only used the tech for one WWE game and that was All-Stars. Technically they could use the U3E for their flagship series, but I guess they're getting cold feet since that would mean a complete rehaul, and the fact that the formula became a financial failure with TNA's game even though it looked pretty as hell. THQ are doing exactly what EA does with Madden, they evolve an existing tried and true blueprint every year (at a pace slower than a turtle walking in epoxy glue), and milk it dry with clever marketing to make people believe it'll be the greatest thing since Moses parted the water.

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