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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

I'd be cool with Taker vs. Punk IF Lesnar wasn't an option. But he's going to be there, and what's worse is if he's not facing Taker, he's facing HHH in a re-match for Summerslam. Not only do I not want to see that because I didn't enjoy the Summerslam match, but also it's just pointless to continue unless HHH is coming back to in-ring work full-time since he would no doubt be going over.

Not to mention, HHH would be better suited facing Punk anyway while Taker battles the behemoth Lesnar, who would pose the most dangerous threat to the streak. It just seems ass backwards that they'd even consider going with Taker/Punk and Lesnar/HHH when they can go with Taker/Lesnar and Punk/HHH. The only conceivable decent reason I can think of they wouldn't go with the latter is if Taker and Lesnar do still have some real personal issues going on that they won't be able to work out by the time WM rolls around... either that or Lesnar wouldn't agree to the match unless he was going over (which doesn't seem like Lesnar at all considering he lost to Cena his first match back).

All in all, Taker/Punk isn't the best option for either man. Taker has a match with Lesnar he should be in, and Punk should be facing either Austin, HHH, or even Rock if he doesn't get to the rumble with the WWE Title. Not to mention if it's for the title and the streak stays alive, will Taker just vacate the title? Or will he only keep it until just the next PPV? It would be extremely pointless to put the title on Taker unless Taker's keeping the strap until Summerslam imo, and unless his condition really has gotten a lot better since WM (which where he did look in much better shape compared to the year prior, he still didn't look like a guy ready to go full-time) I can't see that happening.

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