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Re: WWE Expected To Bring Back Attitude Era Stars Earlier Than Expected

Originally Posted by Vin Ghostal View Post
The answer is right under WWE's noses, but they can't see it...

Beating John Cena MORE THAN ONCE is the instant ticket to legitimizing someone. Now, that's just an example - it shouldn't be Justin Gabriel. But it isn't coincidence that Punk became a top start the moment he beat Cena, then beat him again. Randy Orton peaked when he was going over Cena. Wade Barrett was at his most over the night after Hell in a Cell 2010, when he beat Cena. The same is true for others.

Cena will be a top star no matter what, but if you borrow some of his heat and transfer it to someone else, they'll be over. Imagine how over Dolph Ziggler would be if he beat Cena two or three times.
It's not this simple at all. Punk's beaten Cena multiple times but somehow he has to beat him AGAIN to "prove himself." Punk is the number two who SHOULD be number one but can't because they won't even dare to imply that he can be above Cena in any way.

Orton was at his hottest when he was locked in a heated feud with Triple H. Then they used that to build a big feud with Cena but of course, they made Orton look like such a bitch the fans grew sick of it and he ended up turning face.

Barrett LOOKED strong while feuding with Cena but it ended with Cena LITERALLY burying him. The next time they faced off in the ring, Cena beat him in less than five minutes with a complete Five Moves of Doom sequence with a smile on his face as if to definitively say Barrett won't ever be back at this level.

It's not just beating Cena more than once, it's beating Cena and making it matter in the long run. They don't need to transfer heat, they need to use his heat to LEGITIMATELY put someone over. The only person it's happened with is Punk, but even now they're practically trying to ruin that.

It's About Damn Time.
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