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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Originally Posted by DoubleDeckerBar View Post
Your "most used guys" list is almost identical to what mine is going to be. Add Del Rio and replace Ryback with Jericho and it's exact.

I think I'll use Cesaro quite a fair bit to be honest, I imagine he'll be pretty fun to play as, that lifting uppercut he does better look as sick as it does in real life. Is his attire even out of date? Just use superstar threads to change his attire to red and it should be fine. With Ryback not out until December and Cesaro not out until January, there are absolutely no excuses for both guys not to have their current themes. I understand character models take a lot of time, but putting entrance music in takes no time at all.
Yeah he might be. There are some guys who I'm not fans of, but I find surprisingly fun to play with them in-game (Orton and The Miz come to mind, don't know why lol). They should have their new themes without question, if they're going to make us wait long to get them, then I want to hear Ryback's ''meet on the table'' theme whenever he makes his entrance.

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Not sure what you see in him, and I can even understand why you like Ziggler, but him? Not getting it, but anyways, onto other things.
Yeah that's understandable for you to think that. I imagine other people don't get it either considering I'm never usually a fan of the big powerhouse characters, but Ryback's different to me. Maybe it's because I was fan of him back in The Nexus and that carried over, but I also like his character now, am surprisingly entertained by his matches, like the stiff in-ring style he incorporates and he brings a level of intensity that hasn't been seen in a while and that's refreshing imo. I also think he has some charisma, unlike guys like Kozlov. I've also been highly enjoying his little feud with Punk as of late (even though it's just filler because of Cena being injured) and Punk's really been making him look good, as expected with someone as great as Punk. Overall Ryback just entertains me and that's all that matters to me.

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