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Re: Twilight Saga Mafia Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
vote Faraday

Playing weird.

I've read the thread and apologise if you already have but can you elaborate on Faradays weird play?

Originally Posted by Faraday View Post
What the fuck does this mean?

Weird compared to my last few games? Where I drew mostly scum pm's?

Weird compared to other people? lol.

Stop being trash.
VERY defensive but I can understand. Odd comment from CP. Who is firmly on my radar.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Think I hit scum y'all.
Presumptuous and probably just to garner more of a reaction, which is actually fair enough.

Originally Posted by DocBlue View Post
You sound mad
He was mad yo.

I did quote LC voting Fitz out of the blue cause she doesnt trust him. Based of previous games etc Im assuming.

Originally Posted by Rafiki Roy View Post
I really dislike players who reference previous games to explain their play in the current game
Yes, me too. I havent played many times with you guys and I havent got many previous game reads. It pisses me off when I get called out for innactivity or not contributing when all the talk is of previous games play and personal vendettas.

Originally Posted by IMPULSE View Post
i'm the king of that too. i exhaust every avenue to give the illusion of me giving a fuck in a game as scum.
Good to know.

Originally Posted by Mikey Damage View Post
Damn this thread has been active. I should read back...haha yeah right. Fuck that.

What did fap vote? Put me down for the same.
Mikey is another scum read, just putting it out there.

Originally Posted by Faraday View Post
Welp. Fluffykins is probably town? Actually I'm bad @ reading new players.

Wait. Explain your process of elimination a bit, can you? @Fluffykins
What's you read on me Faraday? (based on what limited info you have to go on?)

Originally Posted by Shepard View Post
ziggler mark seems like haystacks 2.0. i hope not since the two together could be a headache, although pumbaa has adapted and is easier to deal w/ these days

skyfall seems to have a better knowledge of mafia since i last played with him. nothing indicative of alignment so far, however. MAGIC why is it fake and too cautious

i dont see an issue with Pezleys entrance. feels natural.

why is voting rush productive but voting me the opposite

IMP is actually the overriding town read of the game. this is a 2011 game from him and im taking the credit with my vote

does cloverleaf ever do anything yet? from my experience all he does is add offhand remarks which are never really relevant or useful. and this was when i last played in like august

Faraday on your vote for imp you say you dont think he's made any particularly useful observations, why? I'd actually say leading up to that he's been fairly on topic and more useful than most.

doc do you plan to stick w/ the rush thing or not? i find it odd that you're trying to push it at a time of day when the aussies aren't active and if we all followed your vote we'd likely end up waiting around

post #121 from tkok is weird. saying whether or not he'll rage vote despite already putting a vote on X. which is itself is different from usual tkok in that he's doing something. almost like haystacks scum when he was more useful as non town

i like mikeys opening post, seems to not care how its viewed?

i never stated to be better. ive been living on reputation since the start of the year, im decidedly hit and miss in terms of actually being good, my strengths tend to be in bringing more out of others and generally adding to activity of games. this just gets mistaken by others as if i know what im doing
You've hit the nail on the head. 99% off my posts during my time paying mafia here have been inneffective. I usually last till mid to end game type length cause I slip under the radar. It DOESN'T mean I'm not paying attention.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
I don't have a read on LC yet which is troubling.
Get over it and stop letting your STRONG feelings for LC distract you from being productive.

Originally Posted by DocBlue View Post
Vote Ziggles

This should be fun

Originally Posted by Faraday View Post
Shepard is that question gonna help determine my alignment? I think I'm pretty obv town already so I'd prefer to not re-read IMPULSE who's way of typing is purposefully trying to mask his alignment by making his sentences semi incoherent. At least I've believed that for forever. Anyway, I thought he was making a lot of obvious type comments that didn't do a lot and were easy to make, it wasn't really an alignment tell for him I just thought doc looked townish and wanted to put my vote on someone.

Uh, that was rambly. What else? (Iirc I read you right in a few games, LC? Deathnote? But anyway.)
Originally Posted by scrilla View Post
stop posting so much or i'll fall behind and get replaced by some jobber you ......s
Scrilla is another scum read, cause of his poor effort to post his thought based on each page. I havent quoted the post but it came accross as a desperate attempt to get people off his back and APPEAR active.

Originally Posted by Vincent Valentine View Post
Jesus Christ, this game took off while I've been at work. Just read through the whole thread, observations:

DocBlue and Faraday seem town.
Shepard is.. meh, I don't know, probably scum.
Pumbaa doesn't seem as antagonistic as usual, potential scum.
Not sure about Roy.
Extra not sure about Rush. Just one post. Can't determine shit.
CP could be scum, the "not having a read on LC" just felt like a gambit.

Idk. Just thoughts.
I agree on some of your thoughts. Leaning town on yourself.

Originally Posted by Mikey Damage View Post
Anyone think scrilla is scum for trying? Janky.

Shep. You're only allowed to like my posts if ur town. Don't Dick me, man.

Vote Mikey

Originally Posted by Mikey Damage View Post
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if shep, fap, magic, and rush were all scum together. That would suck.

Save us, imp
I think ive read all of IMPs post and something like 100% of them make no sense. I have no read on IMP and fear I never will.

Originally Posted by chr1st0 View Post
Doc tends to dig a hole for himself as town when he is the focus of attention so I'll go with town on him for the moment.

Skyfall became fairly competent since he hosted jigsaw recently I think.

vote ziggler

What everyone else has said about him, plus his awful defense thus far. Last post there is awful, can't be singling out Lawls

@Imp, I only disliked you doing a recap so often that game was because it was obvious you were doing it to hide like the coward scum you were.
Not sure why i quoted this, maybe it was because it resonated with me and I agreed with most of it. Dunno!

Originally Posted by Mikey Damage View Post
Oooooh. I made a scum list.

What does that tell you?

Originally Posted by TKOK! View Post
Seemed like he just went" Yeah no lynches suck, lynch:so and so". Admittedly his vote to lynch Ziggler looks better now then it did at the time.


Vote ZigglerMark

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