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Re: The Hypocrisy is Amazing

Unless you have incredible workers in the ring there should be some outside action in a big main event wrestling match. If you go back to 1998,1999,2000,2001 you know back when wrestling was cool and socially acceptable to watch, you will notice that main event matches ALWAYS involved the announce tables, chairs, the steps, brawling up the ramp and so on. Some of you may enjoy the lame cookie cutter WWE matches we've been getting for many years but i don't and guess what there are lots of people like me that no longer watch the shows.

I want action, excitement, entertainment. The main event on Raw was great, it was emotional it was fun to watch. We don't get that enough and 99% of the time we do it involves a past star.

For those of you that disagree I guess you aren't fans of classics like Angle vs Austin from Summerslam 2001, HHH vs Cactus Jack from Royal Rumble 2000, Austin vs Dude Love from Over the Edge 1998, Angle vs Shane from KOTR 2001, HHH vs Jericho Fully Loaded and on and on. You can't create intensity and the feeling that there is legitimate hatred by having two guys put on a lame match like the ones we typically see from Orton, Cena, Shameus, even Punk.

Let these guys beat the shit out of each other once in a while, it even gets the crowd making noise! people might even tune in and watch again! And I don't need it all the time but twice a month on tv let things get intense, and ppv matches should have some extra edge to them. Its hard to create stars while they look like they are play fighting.

I don't want ECW or the Hardcore title division nonsense just a little bit of that old Austin style can add so much to the matches and the performers.

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