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Re: Rebook a WrestleMania

Wrestlemania IX
Tito Santana over Rick Martel
These two were both fantastic workers. At this point in time, Santana was competing in his last Wrestlemania match and Martel wasn't even on the card! I think these two could have put on a fantastic opener and would have really kicked the show off in style.

Mystery Opponent (Bam-Bam Bigelow) squashes Tatanka
Tatanka wasn't very good. Coming into this Wrestlemania, he had an undefeated that WWE felt he needed to keep. Unfortunately, he was challenging Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Title and you can probably figure out the rest. I would choose to use Tatanka's streak to help get someone else over big: Bam-Bam Bigelow. Bigelow was a part of the company but wasn't used for this Wrestlemania (which is strange considering he would headline the show just two years later). Bigelow would end up being Tatanka's mystery opponent and would destroy him in less than a minute, building Bigelow up as a monster. He would eventually go on to challenge for the WWF Championship.

The Headshrinkers over The Nasty Boys
The Nasty Boys were pretty much finished with WWF at this point so jobbing them out to The Headshrinkers would be no big deal. It would be a very solid tag team match and would help to build the tag team division (which I feel was rather lacking at this point in time).

Lex Luger over Bob Backlund
Luger made his debut just two months prior to this event in his "Narcissist" persona which was probably the high point of Luger's career (which isn't really saying much). The character was brought in to go up against Mr Perfect but, in my world, Heenan would bring Luger in to finally bring him the WWF Title. Luger would set his sights on long-time former champion, Bob Backlund, making short work of the former Champion and establishing himself as a real threat to the companies to prize.

Intercontinental Championship: Shawn Michaels (c) over Mr Perfect
Two of my favourite wrestlers of all-time. They did end up facing each other in the same year as this show but at Summerslam with a shitty count out finish: NO BUYS. I would bring that much forward to the biggest show of the year. A brash heel Michaels would proclaim himself the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time, claiming nobody would ever take the strap away from him. Enter Mr Perfect. The two would have some brilliant back and forth segments that would eventually see Perfect challenge Michaels to an Intercontinental Championship match at Wrestlemania, a match which Michaels is forced into having. Having gone out and had a 20 minute classic, Michaels would counter a Perfect-Plex attempt by shoving Perfect into the referee before delivering a low blow to Perfect as the referee recovers, followed by a Superkick to the jaw for the victory. This would further establish Michaels as a slimy heel but would also give Perfect an out to lead to a rematch down the line.

Undertaker over Yokozuna
Yokozuna comes into the WWF with a big push behind him due to his colossal size. Meanwhile, Undertaker himself is being pushed hard by the higher ups in the company. With neither man scheduled for a big match at Wrestlemania, the office decides to throw these two huge names together in a huge match that will see the winner earn a future shot at the WWF Championship. With hindsight on my side, there's no way I can defeat the Undertaker here and I don't think I would want to regardless so Undertaker would pick up the victory over Yoko with a Chokeslam off the top rope.

Tag Team Championships: The Steiner Brothers over Money INC (c)
The Steiners are one of the most underrated tag teams in wrestling history. As a team, the ring work these two put out was very rarely outdone. Money INC were also a very good team but, at this point, Money INC are an 'out team' and The Steiners are new fresh faces. The Steiners take this as Scotty hits IRS with a Frankensteiner to win the belts.

Razor Ramon over Randy Savage
Coming off the back of the calamitous Survivor Series angle that almost died because of the Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair leaves the company and Perfect begins pursuing the Intercontinental Title, leaving Razor Ramon to face off with former WWF Champion, Randy Savage. Despite originally being a feud between Savage and Flair, Razor's decision to get involved would ultimately cost him. Randy confronts Razor about his decision to 'involve himself' in his affairs and Razor slaps the taste out of Randy's mouth. Savage, in turn, would beat the living crap out of Ramon and challenge him to a 'fight' at Wrestlemania and Razor is more than happy to accept. Ultimately, Razor would go over with a Razor's Edge for the win.

WWF Championship: Bret Hart (c) over Hulk Hogan
This huge Main Event was made when Hulk Hogan made a shock return to win the 1993 Royal Rumble match. He spent the entire build to the match putting Bret over as a great champion and an ambassador for both the company and sport but claimed Hulk Hogan was truly the best there is, was and will ever be and that he'll prove it at Mania. Hart obviously refutes those claims, saying Hogan is still a great competitor but nothing like the man he use to be and that the new generation has taken over and that he'll prove it at Wrestlemania. Bret Hart would then proceed to make Hulk Hogan tap out in the middle of the ring for the first time in his career, immediately establishing Bret Hart as the biggest name in professional wrestling.

Following a handshake and big show of respect by Hogan and Hart, Undertaker hits the confronts Bret Hart to close the show setting up Bret Vs Taker @ King Of The Ring.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So in this show, I've established Razor Ramon, Lex Luger and Bam-Bam Bigelow as major threats to Bret Hart's Title as well as set-up Undertaker as the next in line for a shot at the title. I think that achieves more for the company than 'HOGAN WINS AGAIN!!1!'
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