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Re: Twilight Saga Mafia Gameplay Thread

Multiquote time. Off-topic, but far out, 12 pages to catch up on after work :/

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
I do like getting a lynch on day one, it gives us reads. If we just wasted the day not lynching then it would give mafia a possible free kill, and then we still don't have any reads. But that being said, it's then usually everyone ganging up on who they don't like. Like, what should your first post be without sounding like scum, trolling, or stupid? list placement theory is dumb, revenge votes aren't horrible I guess, and just because is useless. We should all just wait vote randomly and see who reacts the worst.
Not lynching also provides leads as it can catch out the people who seem overly desperate to obtain a lynch. People such as yourself, DocBlue, MetalX and ZigglerMark

Originally Posted by MetalX View Post
If we don't achieve a lynch then it's awful, have always been against no lynching.

Let's not be scared to hit mafia cause they wont be scared to hit us.

Lynch Ziggler Mark
LogicX has failed again.

Originally Posted by IMPULSE View Post
Nobody on here really does anything, a lot of players can live off reputation. Rush acknowledges he doesn't do much so voting him only pushes him out of closet he's already opened.

It's day one. I won't stand for Rush or Shep votes, especially when I like their votes. If you want someone to do something you should give them a chance.

Magic agrees with me that spells doom.
What's the excuse going to be this game? Which theory will enlighten us?

Originally Posted by Magic View Post
faraday is being aggressive early which makes me think he's town as he's usually too lazy to play well as scum and comes off AWFUL most of the time. although he did the same thing in super wildlife mafia and it kind of worked out for him then, but we'll see how he change as the game goes on.
You wish that you were Faraday

Originally Posted by DocBlue View Post
I voted Rush for reaction yeah. I don't need to vote Shep for a reaction, he had a vote on him already I think but he's active enough for me to get a read on him and for me not to have to provoke him into a response. Whatever you think of my method, it achieved half of what I wanted and Rush kinda has to post something of note when he reads the thread
Voting for reaction? That's just...odd.

Originally Posted by Hit-Girl View Post
Has anyone had a PR yet? I know the theme fairly well but I haven't picked up on any PR's yet.
Nyphomaniac who is into beastiality and necrophilia? Guys wearing sparkly glitter shit. I'm assuming PR's are moot in this game.

Originally Posted by Mr. Fluffykins View Post
pretty good game here. I think I know who is town and a couple mafia but I doubt it's right

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
sXe level multi quote. lots of quotes, didn't say anything remotely informative regarding this game.
You ain't got nothing on me, small eyes.

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post

gunna lol when these fools lynch a townie
You seem concerned. I feel the pressure is getting to you, so allow me to apply some more

Vote: Ziggler Mark
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