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Re: Twilight Saga Mafia Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by MetalX View Post
I wouldn't necessarily call it a bad idea, ok so I'm guessing Titania randomized the roles and Fluffykins could be mafia idk, but the way Ziggler Mark has just been focusing on a lynch on him when he has so far been trying to play and scum hunt shouldnt be overlooked.

My initial vote was just a random one based on his decision to push for the easy Fluffykins bandwaggon. I elaborated on DocBlue's theory afterwards.

So here's his second post after there has been some minor discussion about him which he doesn't elaborate on and generally avoids. He doesn't post any suspicions after the amount of pages there is and the amount of posts there are and still seems to be going headstrong on Fluffykins. Seems rather scummy to me.

Also find DocBlue to be rather wishy washy, he's just been calling out people as Innocent to not put a target on his head for a wrong suspicion and votes for Rush who has one post and hasn't done anything yet.
Read the thread again if you seriously think that.

Originally Posted by Lawls View Post
Town reads; Faraday (aggressiveness, offering a lot to work with) Magic (seems to be getting worked up a tad, which I think he does when town) IMP (just a gut really)

Leaning town; Mikey (seems to try to be more competent when mafia, just offering fluff in this game as of now)

Mafia reads; Ziggler Mark (goes for the easy vote in fluffykins, has one goal and one goal only) DocBlue (finds shep awkward/weird yet votes rush. continues to defend vote on rush and gets agitated.) McQueen and Fitz (99% of their posts are fluff plus mcqueens interactions with scrilla unnecessary)

Tkok on post 105 you say you are voting MetalX mostly on gut. what is the other reasoning you are voting him?
Skyfall early on you mentioned in your interactions with shepard how no lynching gives mafia a free kill. elaborate on that. mafia get a kill anyway and if we lynch a townie and the mafia kill goes through that is 2 town down.

unvote tkok vote ziggler mark
When did I get agitated? Defensive sure but agitated?

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
posting this first, out of order. Normally i ignore votes on me, especially early on in games. I insult based on poor logic/deduction/gameplay. So bear that in mind....

okay, i do nothing? really? i do nothing? fuck out of here with that nonsense you muppet.

^ see doc, an insult based on a poor assumption.

why do i need to post more often? I could post a lot, like shep/imp and say a lot without saying anything meaningful. That isn't helpful. If i post a lot early i tend to tunnel on one person and disregard everything else that is posted. By staying out of it a bit, i can analyse better.

yes because being a nice kill for mafia/sk every game is easy. Take last game for example, the night i died i got target by 3 killing roles. Thats ridiculous.

yeah you voted me b/c you wanted me to post more even though i was happy not being a target. you jerk.

i like day 1 and 2, they're very handy for later on in the game. I dislike being forced to post and as i said before, when i post a lot and be aggressive early i tend to tunnel.

if you want a proper reaction then you don't say you're doing it for a reaction before they have a chance to post.

damn straight.

we would lose fairly easily.


sXe level multi quote. lots of quotes, didn't say anything remotely informative regarding this game.
You did well to become a target sure but I don't see why you lay low and make reads if you never get a chance to post them. May aswell be active from the get go.
I voted for a reaction but then I got called out on it so was forced to defend.

More votes on Ziggles. Such a poor defense so far

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