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Re: Twilight Saga Mafia Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by Lawls View Post
Skyfall early on you mentioned in your interactions with shepard how no lynching gives mafia a free kill. elaborate on that. mafia get a kill anyway and if we lynch a townie and the mafia kill goes through that is 2 town down.
unvote tkok vote ziggler mark
what I mean is that if no one votes for anyone to get lynched we don't get reads. Then we're back to square 1 on Day 2, but with (possibly, depending on role usage)at least one dead townie.
Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post

gunna lol when these fools lynch a townie
Originally Posted by MetalX View Post
You got 4 votes on you, why are you so sure you're gonna get lynched?
Relax, alot of people haven't even come to post yet. You're awfully defensive.
He's not being defensive, he's not doing anything about it. I'm not asking ZigglerMark to unvote FLuffy, but he shouldn't have done a 'random vote' then back it up with the reasoning of 'he is a distraction so my vote stays'.
and why fluffy would be telling us not to lynch him makes me bring up what I said earlier on, Fluffy and ZigglerMark might be scum together.
unvote Shepard
vote ZigglerMark
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