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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

I can tell where this is going, bring on the crazy ramblings!
Before you say it, I'm not good at english, me calm or any otherf thing would be the same with spelling.

About most things? Yeah, pretty much that's true. But there are differences between two candidates as there are differences between two parties. To think that they lie about EVERYTHING is ignorant, it's shitty that you have to seek out the truths through the b/s but it's an election and it's important. If you care about the direction in which your country goes, you would do so.
I do care, but you know what? I dont DESVER the abilty to do this, I think its stupid to give it to the pepole, I admit I dont know enough to make a good guess.
I'm NOT conftable having the weight of whats best for this country on me, I DONT know whats best, dont think you should be able to if you dont know

why have pepole vote on something they dont know half about? what logic is that?


Holier than thou much? You say that no one knows whats best for this country, that we all must be misinformed little ants like you, so it must be true.
If I say uyour like me then how the hell is that me saying I'm better then you?
you sir, FAIL.

Some of us actually take elections seriously and do research about the types of legislature and the visions our candidates have for our country. Sure, no one person has the answer for what the perfect solution to everything is, but that's not expected. Nothing will ever be the absolute best it can be, but things can always be better.
Yep, and I cant help with that, I dont know whats best, and since I dont know, what right do I have to vote?

I should vote becuse its my right? even when I admit to not knowing whats best?

dont that seem wrong, kinda seems wrong to vote if you dont know.

It's also my right to NOT speak, or speak, its my right to do manythings
one of those is to vote or not to.


Who said you had to spend 4 years doing research? It doesn't take a lot of effort to find out information on a candidate, and unbiased information at that, google is your friend good sir. Trust it. Use it. Love it. In that order, or your computer will crash.
B.S find me one place where its not unbiased, I'm willing to bet a shit load of money that you think "one side" is more unbiased then the other

Look up the theroy of unbiased, there was a group who atempted to do it, and now its claimed that its IMPOSIBLE to not be biased.

if thats true I dont know, but your not going to find it on google, the itnernet CAN lie by the way.

I have looked, and what i found was 50 things saying 60 diffreint things, and no way to know whats true, and even if I DO find out it dont mean the guy I pick si right.

and becofre you say "soruces" I find two that say the opssite of one another, go to their soruce, and then theirs etc its never ending, even the stuff by the govement has been biased in the past so you cant trust that 100%

( no consiprcy therpy, just saying it wont be the first time it was biasded)

If you seriously can't sit down for an hour or whatever, and research which candidate fits your beliefs and views on where this country should be then thats your loss. But you sound like a lazy ignorant person to me
so it only takes you an hour to find this info out? funny those guys them selfs learn this stuff for YEARS DECADES even, find it funny you can do it in an hour seems to me your the igorant now, it dont take *just an hour*
if you TRULLY want to know it would require YEARS.

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