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Re: Twilight Saga Mafia Gameplay Thread

Town reads; Faraday (aggressiveness, offering a lot to work with) Magic (seems to be getting worked up a tad, which I think he does when town) IMP (just a gut really)

Leaning town; Mikey (seems to try to be more competent when mafia, just offering fluff in this game as of now)

Mafia reads; Ziggler Mark (goes for the easy vote in fluffykins, has one goal and one goal only) DocBlue (finds shep awkward/weird yet votes rush. continues to defend vote on rush and gets agitated.) McQueen and Fitz (99% of their posts are fluff plus mcqueens interactions with scrilla unnecessary)

Tkok on post 105 you say you are voting MetalX mostly on gut. what is the other reasoning you are voting him?
Skyfall early on you mentioned in your interactions with shepard how no lynching gives mafia a free kill. elaborate on that. mafia get a kill anyway and if we lynch a townie and the mafia kill goes through that is 2 town down.

unvote tkok vote ziggler mark

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