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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

A Nightmare Review:

I'm gonna be honest I did not like Daniels promo only because I feel like I have heard this exact promo a million times before from Daniels on AJ. It was well written though.

3D picks up a much needed victory here over Roode & Sabin after Sabin ends up nailing Roode, Good move there but I was surprised to see 3D take them out as well now two of your top teams are on the shelf if both teams are going to miss some ring time who feuds with 3D?

Another good Raven promo you're pretty good at writing them and that takes skill so kudos to you for that man. Can't wait to see Raven vs Sting down the road whenever that happens.

Morgan vs Lashley was decent not the best match but some good back and forth action with two powerhouses facing each other too bad Steiner ruined it, I assume Steiner will face Lashley come the next PPV? Maybe you should start announcing some PPV matches were now two shows in. Also a losing streak storyline perhaps beginning for Matt Morgan? That might be fun to watch considering thats never been done with a big powerhouse as far as I know.

JAMES MITCHELL RETURNS WITH THE RETURNING MONSTER ABYSS! Looks like Abyss is a true monster again after he takes out Pope with a Chokeslam into the tacks, Wonder who you will put into a feud with Abyss now that he took out the guy he returned against.

Much needed victory for Amazing Red after the loss last week and the loss of his belt before that, Homicide strikes post match! Looking like this will be our X Division Title Match for the PPV to get Red's rematch out of the way and move Homicide onto bigger and better things.

Now onto Joe vs Homicide honestly this match kinda bored me and I ended up losing interest in it half way through, Nothing against you just the match felt slow to me.

Main event time and we got a pretty good tag match with possibly the two biggest feuds going featured here always nice to see that. Big win for Wolfe & Daniels that I felt was needed to add fuel to the fire that is their feuds and a post match brawl with Angle & Wolfe just makes their feud all the more intense. Good match and a good brawl to end the show.

Overall another good show, Joe vs Super Mex bored me but other than that I really enjoyed this whole show. Without a doubt my favorite part was seeing the return of James Mitchell, He is part of what made Abyss great back in the day and maybe with him back we could see Abyss made into a main event star once again?

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