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Re: People say that the problem is all with the writing and the roster is amazing....

Originally Posted by jcmmnx View Post
I disagree; Ziggler is booked like a clown that loses 90% of his matches but he got over because of his talent. Punk got himself over with a replay of his summer of Punk angle from ROH. Bryan was know as a workrate guy with no charisma, but he worked on his game and now is entertaining out of the ring as well. The cream always rises I don't buy that there are super talented guys on the current roster who are being buried. If they have the talent and drive that guys like Punk, Bryan, and Ziggler have then they would be over.
And that all falls back on the booking.

Look at the greatness that was Steve Austin in WCW and ECW. But, when he got to WWE, he was just another guy. He possessed all the tools to become a star but it wasn't until creative took the chance on him.

You can't say that the current roster doesn't have the talent & drive, when it's not their fault that creative is not utilizing the abilities they do have. The proper booking can get anybody over. Austin as the ring master wasn't over, Rocky Maivia wasn't over, Hunter Hearst Helmsley wasn't over but when booked properly, Stone Cold, The Rock and HHH in DX were 3 of the most over guys in history. All because creative capitalized on what they had.

Can't say the rest of the roster isn't talented, when they are rarely given the opportunity to shine.

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