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Post Re: Twilight Saga Mafia Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by Faraday View Post
Shep is awkward ---> Votes elsewhere? Why? If you want to be productive is that a wagon vote? if so why'd you choose rush?

I think Titania of all people is likely to play alignments straight and randomise them. MetalX's follow up is worse as he's jumping on a bad idea and running with it. Doc should probably know better, though.
I wouldn't necessarily call it a bad idea, ok so I'm guessing Titania randomized the roles and Fluffykins could be mafia idk, but the way Ziggler Mark has just been focusing on a lynch on him when he has so far been trying to play and scum hunt shouldnt be overlooked.

My initial vote was just a random one based on his decision to push for the easy Fluffykins bandwaggon. I elaborated on DocBlue's theory afterwards.

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
scumbuddies coaching you through how to fake looking like town?
So here's his second post after there has been some minor discussion about him which he doesn't elaborate on and generally avoids. He doesn't post any suspicions after the amount of pages there is and the amount of posts there are and still seems to be going headstrong on Fluffykins. Seems rather scummy to me.

Also find DocBlue to be rather wishy washy, he's just been calling out people as Innocent to not put a target on his head for a wrong suspicion and votes for Rush who has one post and hasn't done anything yet.

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