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Re: Twilight Saga Mafia Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by Faraday View Post
No? This is incredibly self aware. As town I'd have expected you to be participating more, you're just floating around not stepping on any toes and not doing a lot. We can actually get things done this day 1 and you don't even appear to be trying to help it. You're one of the stronger players so your lack of well...anything good so far is underwhelming. I mean it's not quite nothing, you are doing stuff it's just nothing that looks like it couldn't be phoned in.
If I have nothing to add then I won't get myself involved. I pretty much agreed with what you were saying and didn't really want to expand it. And I knew I was being spammy and outside of the discussion at hand, that was pretty obvious, but I don't really care.

Originally Posted by Shepard View Post
im probably back in the section for good and feel motivated but im also living with people and have an interview for a christmas temp job which would have me working every weeknight for a lot of november/december. so ill be active in spurts i suppose, this game and potentially the next ill have to go ham for however.

i feel as if prons is one of those people i can read fairly well but he falls into his own category and doesnt do the expected. titania is the same but on a totally opposite spectrum. my main annoyance in mafia came from evo or hiplop usually, but even then they werent terrible.

actually i can never read lc. totally just remembered homeland when i was thinking about games in which evo annoyed me and i remember i always struggle with croft. maybe its me not getting women but then i like to think im passable at reading titania. maybe its because shes more stephanie meyer whereas croft is george r r martin
idk why I quoted this. probably to call you a ......, I'll just go with that.

Originally Posted by Shepard View Post

i dont like the way roy hopped on my wagon and hasn't really added anything beyond fluff and calling me scum. ill pull up the posts

why is magic coasting = magic scum? ive coasted plenty on day 1 before, hell i did it in the beginning of your clash game, i didnt start trying till the morning after you began the game
Coasting usually depends on my mood to play. I've been confirmed town before and still coasted(the game where I was masons with lawls), it really has nothing to do with my alignment, which is what you said.

and what you think I do as scum(push a lot and STUFF) is wrong. that also depends on the situation at hand, I won't just go out of my way to lead a wagon on someone; unless of course that person is lawls, in which case I will go out of my way to get him lynched because he's the FUTURE.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Nobody can read Magic he's the SGOAT.
I'll pretend this isn't sarcasm and accept it as a compliment.

Originally Posted by Faraday View Post
It's the things he's focused on when contributing too. He spent about 2/3 posts calling me town? It was unneccessary, it felt like an easy coontribution to make (and I wasn't fond of one or 2 of the reasons?)

Pedit: You're right, LC. I've no fucking clue who he is.
I was giving a read. MY BAD.

Originally Posted by Mikey Damage View Post
Anyone think scrilla is scum for trying? Janky.

Shep. You're only allowed to like my posts if ur town. Don't Dick me, man.

I don't know why everyone is saying they can't read IMP and not giving a read. The way he's playing feels scummy. He's actually trying but not really doing anything, which is just like me I suppose, which comes off as him trying to lie low and not engage in any meaningful interactions.

pez is probably town.

shep seems pretty neutral, his interaction with faraday actually came off weird to me.

I still think faraday is town.

scrilla's EFFORT post makes him lean town to me.

I'm leaning scum for cp, but he really hasn't done much.

doc could still be scum.

And I really don't remember anything from ziggler so I have no thoughts on him.

skyfall seems to have improved as well, but I don't really got a read on him yet.

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