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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by Saul GOONman View Post
1) The stuff is the newsletter that he has been disenvowing for the last decade or so. He didn't write them; stop grasping at straws as to why the greatest politician in a generation isn't worth the time to listen to.

2) He couldn't win, you say?

3) He wouldn't last four more years? You DO know he is probably in better shape than Obama and Romney, right?

4) Most of his backers are pot heads that don't help him? Funny, from what I've seen, his supporters are the most passionate out of the bunch. His supporters would probably take a bullet for him if they could. He raised more money from veterans than any other candidate, and raised half a million from his supporters in one day. Also, his rallies draw more than people like Romney did during the primaries. Yeah, his supports REALLY don't care about him.

5) The RNC hates him because he was the only rational man running during the primaries. They couldn't have someone who wanted to end the military-industrial complex come close to winning, and they nominated Obama's white, Mormon clone instead.

Think before you post that nonsense I quoted. If you're going to talk about Ron Paul, please don't use MSNBC talking points.
I pretty much repeated what you said. lol I wonder what he's going to say next? That Ron Paul is anti-Semitic, that he's an isolationist? We have heard all the bullshit that the media throws at Ron. You see how the media tries to find dirt on him? They have to go back 20+ years to find "dirt" on him which isn't even hard proof.

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