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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by 9QA View Post
Ron Paul had that stuff in his news letter he cant win on top of that he is way to old i don't know if he will last 4 more years . on top of that most of his backer are just pot heads and that dont help him but most of all the RNC hates him as you said.
Are you talking about the racist newsletters? The ones that he disavows and there's absolutely NO proof of him writing? Ron Paul is incredibly sharp for being in his late 70's and this guy rides his bicycle 10-20 miles a day. He even challenged all the Republican candidates to a 25 mile bike ride in triple digit weather. Most of his backers are pot heads? Ron Paul supporters are one of the most passionate,dedicated and knowledged group of people around. The RNC hates him because he's everything against they go for. He's a true backer of the constitution, wants to End the Fed, go back to a Gold Standard, end the wars, end of foreign aid, send the troops home, had a plan to balance the budget in 3 years without cutting a dime to social security, veterans, and without raising taxes. Why do you think the media blacks him out? He can't win? He won alot of delegates despite him not being exposed. Why did you think the RNC made a bunch of rule changes to keep the Paul people away?

Americans see him as "delusional" because he talks about stuff that the majority of Americans don't understand.

I personally wouldn't vote for either. Obama has done next to nothing in the past for years. I can make a huge list, but I'm sure there's plenty of people that are going to do that.

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