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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by D.M.N. View Post
Vince gained 1m+ viewers, the rest lost viewers.

Erm, don't think it has been released yet.

-Raw opened strong with the Cena segment followed by the Ryback match. Clay/Truth dancing lost 746,000 viewers. Vince/Punk segment gained 891,000 viewers, which was a great gain considering they not only got the viewers they lost back, but they also got more viewers on top of that. Certainly the best gain for an odd quarter in a while. Mysterio and Cara facing Prime Time Players only lost 415,000 viewers. Not too bad considering they were coming off a huge gain.

The 9PM match of Barrett facing Sheamus gained 318,000 viewers, which is a below average gain. Cesaro/Kidd lost 974,000 viewers, a terrible loss. Team Hell No against Ziggler and Del Rio gained 357,000 viewers, which is to be expected after the major loss by Cesaro and Kidd.

Larry King and Miz/Kofi in the 10PM slot lost 147,000. This has come to be expected in recent weeks with the 10PM slot being a normal loser. The big story and surprise is the gain for Sandow and Rhodes facing Ryder and Santino in the tag tournament. Our intellectual savior of the masses Mr. Sandow and that guy he teamed up with facing the two biggest ignoramuses on the roster gained 9,976,000 viewers. People are clearly starting to accept Sandow's enlightening and tuned in the second they heard he was competing. Civilization may be saved yet. The divas title match after lost 11,072,000 viewers, which is to be expected after the greatest talent on the roster parted from the screen. Punk facing Vince gained 2,000,000 viewers exactly in the overrun.

I'm watching you...

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