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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York

An historic night in not only Impact Wrestling history but in the entire history of professional wrestling kicks off with a look back at what all has transpired in the time Panda Energy announced they were selling the company to when Mikhail Prokhorov bought it and brought about all the changes, including signing “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan. The video packages then starts hyping up Hulk’s debut tonight considerably before the video is cut short by static on the screen. The static goes on for a few seconds before a voice is heard saying “The following is a paid advertisement by the New World Order.” The static then cuts away to a black and white shot of Eric Bischoff, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman all standing in front of a gray tarp looking thing. Eric is the one doing most of the talking, saying how good it is to be back in charge and all that while the rest of the guys chime in every once in a while. The promo doesn’t last all that long before the same voice as before is heard saying, “The preceding was a paid advertisement by the New World Order.” Once the N.W.O. promo finishes up, the regular Impact Wrestling entrance video can start up. Once that’s done the camera cuts to a shot of the crowd inside Madison Square Garden. Not an extremely large crowd by any stretch but decent size considering this is Impact Wrestling’s first ever show in this venue. No traditional opening pyro, rather the show starts off with the familiar sounds of the N.W.O.’s theme music.

The New World Order step out of the entrance tunnel to a collective “W.T.F.?” from the crowd. It is a mix of loud cheers and stunned amazement from the crowd as all four men, dressed in the traditional N.W.O. t-shirts, lead by Eric Bischoff, and make their way to the ring. Once in the ring, all four men are given microphones.

Scott Hall: Say hello to the bad guys!

Once again, a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: We’re back!

This time, it’s a majority of boos.

Eric Bischoff: Well thanks, I love all of you too! Like I was saying, it is great to back and not only are we back but we’re here in the world’s most famous arena, how cool is that? It’s just like old times, we’ve got a billionaire owner, we’ve got a major new television deal, things couldn’t be better. Don’t you agree guys?

Hall, Nash, & Pac: Of course!

Eric Bischoff:
You see Vince McMahon, you may have put WCW out of business and in the process very nearly destroyed the wrestling business for good but we got the last laugh. Through our new owner, Mr. Prokhorov, we were able to steal the N.W.O. trademark right from under you. Now we can use it whenever we want, however we want, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us!

Scott Hall then starts to speak.

Scott Hall: Like Easy E’s been saying big meng, this ain’t yours anymore, this business ain’t yours anymore, it’s ours and we’re going to make your life a living hell!

Eric Bischoff: Well said Scott, well said.

Eric then turns around and looks at Scott, Kevin, and Sean and gets a confused look on his face.

Eric Bischoff:
Wait, aren’t we missing somebody?

Everyone looks at everyone and they all collectively shrug their shoulders.

Eric Bischoff:
Wait, I know, how could I forget! Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, please help me in welcoming our final member, he is the one, the only, the immortal…HULK HOGAN!

The crowd erupts as pyro begins exploding all over the entrance tunnel. Once the pyro is finished, the lights go off and “He’s American Made!” begins playing. When the lights come back on, the crowd goes nuts as Hulk Hogan himself, dressed in the traditional red and yellow steps out of the entrance tunnel. Hulk takes his sweet time making his way down to the ring, taking time to pose for the fans as well as the camera. Eventually Hulk makes his way in to the ring to confront his N.W.O. friends.

Eric Bischoff: Whoa Hulk, much different attire than I thought you were going to wear tonight, what’s the occasion?

Hulk pauses before continuing.

Hulk Hogan: The occasion Eric is, this is 2010, not 1996 brother!

Eric and the rest of the N.W.O. are dumfounded over Hulk’s response.

Hulk Hogan: Listen brother, I love you guys, you guys are like family to me but this is a new time, this is not like it was back in the day.

Kevin Nash: How isn’t it? Look around you, it’s exactly the same!

Hulk Hogan:
No offense Kev, but look in the mirror dude, it’s not the same. We’re all ten years older, we can’t be doing what we did back then, even if we tried. It’s time we all grow up.

Sean Waltman: Grow up? Grow up? You’re the one to talk Hulkster, out of all of us you’re the one who needs to listen most to what you’re saying.

Hulk Hogan: I know brother, and I have, that’s why I’m out here in the red and yellow instead of the black and grey.

Scott Hall: This black and grey was responsible for reviving your career, remember that? If it wasn’t for me, big Kev, and Easy E, you wouldn’t be here right now, you’d be in some gym in Iowa in front of 50 hillbillies begging them to buy your stuff. Face it Hulkster, you need us!

Hulk Hogan: There’s a million things I could say back to you Scott but I love you brother so I’m not going to but as the new vice president of this company I need to be able to maintain law and order. Eric and Kev, you both have Impact Wrestling contracts so I’ll deal with you later but you, Scott and Pac, you guys don’t have contracts so you have no right to be here. Security, please escort these two men out of the building!

The crowd goes wild as security enter the ring and begin pulling Scott and Sean out of the ring while Eric Bischoff and Kevin Nash try to reason with Hulk but Hulk’s not budging. Eventually as security leads Scott and Sean out of the ring and out of the building, Kevin and Eric follow suit and leave Hulk alone in the ring.

Hulk Hogan:
Now that’s over it’s time to get back to the business at hand brothers. Impact Wrestling is back jack and it’s better than ever!

The crowd continues going wild.

Hulk Hogan:
I’m really feeling it, I can feel the power of all you Hulkamaniacs growing larger and larger, pretty soon nothing’s going to be able to stop us, not even “the other company.”

The crowd boos slightly.

Hulk Hogan: Enough of me talking, let’s get this party started but before I go, I just got one thing to say….Whatcha gonna do when Impact Wrestling and all these Hulkamaniacs run wild on you? Whatcha gonna do?

With that being said, American Made begins playing throughout the Garden as Hulk Hogan remains in the ring. The camera cuts to commercial with Hulk still standing in the ring, egging on the fans.


Match #1: Amazing Red vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Consequences Creed vs. Jay Lethal vs. Kazarian – Ultimate X Match for X Division Championship

As Impact Wrestling comes back from a commercial, we are greeted with a shot of members of the Impact Wrestling crew hurryingly preparing the Ultimate X platform. As they are putting on the finishing touches, a video recap is shown of the history of the Ultimate X match with Mike Tenay and Taz commenting on it. When the crew is finished preparing the structure, the video ends and the camera cuts back to the ring area where Jeremy Borash begins the official introductions.

The bell rings and immediately all five men begin climbing. All men manage to grab on to the ropes but only Jay Lethal and Amazing Red manage to stay on long enough. Daniels, Creed, and Kazarian all begin battling it out on the outside of the ring. Daniels takes it upon himself to fight both Creed and Kazarian which turns out to be a losing effort on his part. On the ropes, both Red and Lethal inch their way towards the belt in the middle but before either of them can reach it, they come crashing to the ground. Seeing an opening, Daniels dashes away from Kazarian and Creed and starts climbing up. They catch him before he can make it very far. A back and forth effort now ensues between all of the competitors over who’s going to let who on the top ropes. One man will make it to the top but before he can get very far he’s stopped by the others. Two or three men will make it but they’re so busy fighting each other that none of them make it very far either. Nobody’s really doing anything to wear out their opponents. This is where the mind of Christopher Daniels starts to play a big role. Realizing he needs to really wear his opponents down if he has any hope of winning, he begins adding weapons in to the mix. First he focuses his attention on to Amazing Red. Using a combination of the steel steps on the outside as well as a few well placed chair shots, he injures Red’s shoulder enough to where Red has a hard time even holding his arm about it. Next it’s Consequences Creed who gets taken out by being put through a table. Now it’s down to Jay Lethal, Daniels, and Kazarian. Daniels doesn’t have to do much to injure Lethal. After falling several times off of the ropes, Lethal is barely able to stand. To eliminate Kazarian, Daniels sets up a table in the middle of the ring and prepares for the final showdown but before he can put Kazarian through it, Kazarian dashes away and starts inching across the top ropes. Seeing this he must act so Daniels immediately joins him. Once the two meet, they begin fighting right above the table. Whoever comes out on top here will win the match. Back and forth they go, each trying to pry lose the other’s grips on the rope. It looks like neither man wants to budge until a well placed punch to Daniels’ head knocks him off the ropes and right through the table below! Now alone, Kazarian inches to the belt. Both Amazing Red and Jay Lethal give one last effort to get the belt but it’s too late, Kazarian has already unhooked it and won the match.

Winner and New Impact Wrestling X Division Champion: Kazarian

Kazarian carefully climbs off the ropes and on to the ring apron below and begins celebrating becoming the new champion. The four others then begin limping towards the back with the exception of Christopher Daniels, who pauses to give Kazarian the evil eye. Kazarian just holds the belt in his face and Daniels carries on. After a few seconds, the camera cuts to the back.

Cutting to the back we see Eric Bischoff and Kevin Nash arguing with each other over what happened at the start of the show.

Kevin Nash: What the hell man? You told me Hulk was going to be in on this, you told me not to worry, now look what happened? He kicked Scott and Pac out!

Eric Bischoff: This wasn’t supposed to happen, ok? Hulk had given me his word.

Kevin Nash: Well obviously he just pulled a fast one on us. What are you going to do about it?

Eric Bischoff:
Let me think, let me think man, jeez!

Eric then storms off camera leaving Nash to simply throw his hands up in the air and walk away as well.

Before the camera cuts to commercial, we see a double shot of Beer Money and Team 3D walking to the ring, the first match in the first round of the mini tournament to determine the next world tag team champions is next!


Match #2: Beer Money vs. Team 3D – First Round of Mini Tournament to determine World Tag Team Champions

Match #2 features two of the best tag teams in the business today, the young and tough Beer Money versus the most decorated tag team in wrestling history, Team 3D. Beer Money is the first team out to the ring, followed by Team 3D who get a huge pop from the crowd.

Instantly this match turns in to a straight up brawl. Beer Money is out to prove that they are the best tag team going today whereas Team 3D just wants to prove that they still got it. Both teams execute quick tags as well as their moves quite well, neither of them have an early advantage. It becomes clear that the crowd is going to play a huge part in this so whoever can get the crowd on their side the most will most likely win the match. In the first half of the match the crowd is almost 75% in favor of Team 3D but as the match goes on that number begins to shrink in favor of Beer Money. The quick and younger Beer Money are able to execute more impressive moves which the crowd enjoys, swaying them towards their side. Now the crowd is more evenly split, with a slight advantage towards Beer Money. With the crowd mostly on their side, Beer Money can ratchet up the intensity more, gaining more and more followers as they go. It’s all building up to one final blowup point. With the momentum on their side, Beer Money sets aim for the kill. With it in their sites, Beer Money gets up Brother Devon for the D.W.I. and they hit it beautifully. James Storm, the legal man at this time then covers Devon for the 1, 2, 3!

Winners: Beer Money

Beer Money moves on in the tournament. Following the match, as they are getting their hands raised, Team 3D comes up behind them and the two teams have a very tense stare down. After a few seconds the stare down breaks and the two teams shake hands in a show of mutual respect. The camera gets a shot of all four of them walking together to the backstage area. Once they’ve all disappeared from view a few seconds goes by before, out of nowhere, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin come out of the entrance tunnel, dressed in street clothes. What they have to say no one knows, we’ll have to wait until after the commercial before finding out.


Coming back from commercial we see a shot of the Motor City Machine Guns standing in the middle of the ring, both holding microphones.

Alex Shelley: We are the victims of a conspiracy!

Chris Sabin: That’s right, a conspiracy I tell you!

Alex Shelley: We, the Motor City Machine Guns, are being purposely held back!

The crowd is unsure of what to think of this at this point so they just remain relatively quiet and let it play out.

Chris Sabin:
The same people who you all know have made a living off of keeping talent like us down are at it again!

Alex Shelley:
Despite our adamant objections and insistence that we be included, we were purposely held back by Mr. Hogan and the upper brass here at Impact Wrestling.

Chris Sabin:
We demanded that we be included in the tag title tournament tonight, saying we are the most deserving but they did nothing!

Alex Shelley: So we are here tonight to take a stand. We want a public apology from Mr. Hogan or someone else from management as well as automatic insertion in to the tag team championship match in two weeks.

Chris Sabin: And we’re not going anywhere until we get both of those!

The MCMG then sit down and stage a sit in protest over not being in the tag title tournament. They sit there for a few seconds before one of them speaks again.

Alex Shelley:
Well, we’re waiting…

A few more seconds go by, still nothing.

Alex Shelley:
Come on, show some respect to real talent for once in your career.

A few more seconds go by, still nothing.

Alex Shelley:
Alright that’s it, we’ve had enough. If we’re not going to get an apology, we’re going to come back there and make you give us one!

The Guns stand up and begin heading out of the ring before they are stopped in their tracks by an unknown voice.

Unknown Voice:
For the love of God would you please stop with all the whining?

The Guns and the crowd look around but they can’t find where the voice came from until two men step out of the shadows and reveal themselves as Paul London and Brian Kendrick! The crowd erupts and the Guns are left motionless as they approach the ring.

Paul London:
Just stop with this please, it’s giving me a headache.

London and Kendrick then enter the ring.

Paul London:
The reason you guys weren’t in the tournament isn’t because you’re being held back, it’s because you suck.

Brian Kendrick: This right here, is real talent!

London and Kendrick raise their arms, as to taunt the Guns. This doesn’t sit too well with them at all as not too long after that the Guns attack London and Kendrick and a fight ensues. The crowd erupts as both teams being fighting out of the ring. IW security and referees try to break them up but it’s no use, they just keep on with it. After nearly two minutes of fighting, security is finally successful in splitting them apart but this fight looks far from over. As both teams are being separated, the camera cuts away to a backstage promo.

In this backstage segment we see Raven, sitting alone, staring off in to the distance.

Raven: What a night. A night that symbolizes change, a rebirth if you will. Impact Wrestling is reborn, bigger and better than ever, everyone’s got a fresh new outlook on life, except for good ol’ Raven. They come to me and say “Raven, we want you to face Abyss and we want it to be bloody and brutal.” “We want violence” is their call and who do they call when they want violence, why they call Raven, they’ve always called Raven. Even though I’m so much more than that, I guess that’s really what I’m best at it, is violence so I guess I’ll just play along but I must warn you all. If you put Raven and Abyss in a match together and say “we want violence”, someone’s not walking out of there alive…Quote the Raven, nevermore!

Raven then does his signature pose as the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #3: Abyss vs. Raven – Round #1 of Television Championship Tournament

Coming back from commercial it’s now time for the third matchup of the night, the first match in the tournament to determine who will become the first ever Impact Wrestling Television Champion. As eluded to earlier by Raven, this match has the potential to be downright brutal. Abyss is the first man out to the ring, followed by Raven who gets a very good reaction from the crowd.

Right away the strategy of both men becomes perfectly clear. Abyss wants to use his size and strength to dominate Raven whereas Raven prefers to simply use his mind and wait for Abyss to make a mistake that he can capitalize on. Abyss comes out right away and starts tossing Raven around the ring like a rag doll, taking great pleasure in dominating his opponent so easily. Little does he know that it’s all a ploy. Despite it all being a strategy, Raven must be careful because Abyss is still wearing him down, there’s no faking that. Soon we start seeing some signs of life in Raven as he starts fighting back against Abyss so he can stay in the match. Using the outside of the ring as a weapon, both men have now become bloodied but they still fight on. Once he feels like he’s gotten Abyss right where he wants him, Raven shuts down again, letting Abyss toss him around. Abyss, thinking he’s got Raven where he needs to be, readies him for the black hole slam but this is no ordinary black hole slam. Before Abyss hits his finisher, he pulls out a bag of thumbtacks and spreads them out in the middle of the ring. When he turns around to get Raven, Raven surprises him with a kick to the midsection which he follows up with a DDT right in to the thumbtacks! Seizing the opportunity, Raven quickly covers Abyss for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Raven

Bloodied and worn out, Raven is still able to stand and get his hand raised by the referee. Once Abyss realizes what happens, he immediately stands up and tries to find Raven who has already snuck away. Angry, Abyss chases the referee out of the ring and towards the back. Once everyone has made it, the camera cuts away.

In this segment we see Hulk Hogan in his office with the remaining Knockouts on the roster (Alissa Flash, Daffney, Hamada, ODB, Sarita, Tara, and Taylor Wilde).

Hulk Hogan: Ladies I’ve called you in here today because I wanted to address some rumors that have been floating around regarding the Knockouts division. First of all, yes we did make some changes which have included releasing several Knockouts but this, however, does not mean that we are getting rid of the Knockouts division in anyway. In fact, I can assure each and every one of you that your jobs are 100% safe.

ODB: That’s all well and good but if we’re not ever getting used on the show, what’s the point of keeping us around? Sitting here collecting dust isn’t very good neither.

Hulk Hogan:
Myself and Impact Wrestling management are finalizing a plan to make this division the best women’s division in pro wrestling today. Yes you may have to bear with us until we get things in order but once we do I guarantee you that you’ll be happy.

ODB: Ok then, so what’s this secret plan?

Hulk Hogan:
I can’t tell you yet but what I can tell you is that we’re also going to be bringing in several new female wrestlers that we hope will spice things up. The first is even here tonight, and guess what? You’re facing her ODB!

ODB: What?!?!?

Hulk Hogan: That’s right and you better get ready because the match is up next!

The rest of the Knockouts get up and leave, laughing at ODB as they walk out the door. ODB soon follows. Once all the Knockouts are out of Hulk’s office, a knock is heard on the door and in steps Eric Bischoff.

Hulk Hogan:
What do you want Eric?

Eric Bischoff: I want to know what the heck happened earlier?

Hulk Hogan:
Look, I told you, this is a different time, I’m not playing that game anymore.

Eric Bischoff: What happened to loyalty, I thought you were my friend man?

Hulk Hogan:
You’re still my friend but for the good of the company…

Eric gives Hulk a small shove.

Eric Bischoff: For the good of the company? For the good of the company?

Hulk Hogan:
Eric, if you ever touch me again, I’ll fire your ass and throw you out just like I did Scott and Pac earlier so I suggest you leave me alone brother!

Hulk then storms out of the room as the show cuts to commercial.


Match #4: ODB vs. ???

Coming back from commercial we see ODB already in the ring awaiting her opponent. She doesn’t have to wait long before her opponent’s theme music hits. Once it does the crowd goes insane because they know exactly who it belongs to. Shortly after the music begins playing, out of the entrance tunnel steps…Natalya Neidhart! The crowd can’t believe it and neither can ODB as she stares wide eyed at her opponent as she enters the ring.

It takes a while for ODB to shake the shock off of her but once she does she explodes on Natalya like a bat out of hell. Looking to prove herself to not only Hulk Hogan but the crowd watching as well, she unloads on Natalya with a powerful flurry of offense. This offensive move set overwhelms Natalya at first but after having a couple minutes to examine and size up her opponent, she begins firing back. Now a level playing field, the crowd really starts to get in to this match. The crowd is very much behind Natalya, which helps her start building a lead on ODB. The lead builds and builds until Natalya decides to give the fans what they want. With ODB right where she wants her, she begins applying the famous Sharpshooter. She pulls ODB in the middle of the ring and locks the move in tight. ODB fights the urge to tap but she is too far away from the ropes to break out. She has no choice but to tap.

Winner via Submission: Natalya Neidhart

The crowd continues going wild as the referee raises Natalya’s hand in victory. Everyone still can’t believe that she’s here in Impact Wrestling and she’s apparently here to stay. After a few seconds of Natalya poising in the ring for the fans, the camera cuts to the backstage.

In this backstage segment we see Impact Wrestling’s newest backstage interviewer, Mick Foley, with “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle.

Mick Foley:
It’s me, the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley, with the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. Now Kurt, tonight you’re facing Scott Steiner in a match that will eventually determine who becomes the first ever Television Champion. I’ve got to ask you, being a multiple time world champion, do you feel “insulted” at all over taking a step back so to speak and competing for the television championship?

Kurt Angle: Would I prefer that I be competing for the world title? Of course I would but I also don’t see it as insulting that I’m now competing for the T.V. title, I see it as an opportunity to work with guys that I’ve never worked with before, guys that have yet to get that world title shot. I think it’s great for me and great for them.

Mick Foley: So no hard feelings at all?

Kurt Angle: No, not at all.

Mick Foley: Ok then. Tonight you’re facing….Speak of the devil.

In walks in Scott Steiner.

Mick Foley:
What can we do for you Scott?

Scott Steiner:
You wanna talk about insulted? Well I sure as hell am insulted, I’m the genetic freak, the big bad booty daddy, I shouldn’t be competing for some low life belt like this.

Kurt Angle:
Well I’m sorry you feel that way but you see, you’ve still got to face me tonight regardless of whether you feel insulted or not so I suggest you get your ass out of here and get in to that ring and prepare for a beating!

Angle and Steiner stare each other down as the camera cuts away.

Before we got to commercial, the cameras get a shot of Jeff Hardy arriving at the Garden and making his way in to the dressing room to prepare for his upcoming match against A.J. Styles tonight. Once Jeff disappears in to the locker room, the camera cuts away.


Match #5: Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner – Round #1 of Television Championship Tournament

Coming back from commercial, it’s now time for the second match in the television championship tournament scheduled for tonight between two former Main Event Mafia members, “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle and “The Genetic Freak” Scott Steiner. Scott is the first man to the ring, followed by Kurt Angle.

From the get go you can tell that Scott Steiner just does not care very much at all about this match since he feels “insulated” about being included in it. His moves, although still powerful and still packing a punch, lack passion. Kurt Angle on the other hand, being the competitor that he is, is still out there giving it his all despite the lack of effort by Scott Steiner. Not wanting the crowd to turn hostile on the match, Kurt tries his best to get the crowd in to it and excited but Scott’s obvious lack of trying is all that the crowd can see. Soon they start booing which turns Kurt in to overdrive. Kurt begins firing on all cylinders which, if he hadn’t given up already, causes Scott to all but shut down. After a series of three Olympic slams, Kurt positions Scott for something special. Once Scott’s in position, Kurt climbs to the top turn buckle and leaps off, hitting a beautiful moonsault right on Steiner! Kurt follows up the surprise move with a quick cover and the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Kurt Angle

The crowd shows their appreciation for Kurt’s effort with a near standing ovation following the match. As Scott Steiner staggers to his feet, all Kurt can do is shake his head in disappointment and walk away. Scott doesn’t seem to care however, he just walks away, quietly heading towards the back. Once both men have reached the back, the show cuts to commercial.


Match #6: 10 Man Over-the-Top Rope Battle Royal where winner receives Impact Wrestling Contract

It is now time for some Lucha Libre action! In this match ten luchadors from the past and present will compete in an over the top rope battle royal where the winner will receive an Impact Wrestling contract. The crowd’s anticipation builds as the first two competitors are introduced.

Entrant #1 & #2: Juventud Guerrera & El Zorro

The first two men in this match are Juventud Guerrera and El Zorro. Both men take their time trying to size up their opponent, as to not waste unnecessary energy this early in the match. They rarely even touch each other, they just prefer to sit and wait until entrant #3 arrives.

Entrant #3: Ultimo Guerrero

Ultimo Guerrero enters the match and immediately both Juventud Guerrera and El Zorro spring in to action and attack him. This sudden burst of energy shocks not only Ultimo Guerrero but the crowd and announcers as well. Eventually though Ultimo manages to fight both of them off and avoid being eliminated from the match at least for now. All three men begin fighting each other as the next entrant arrives.

Entrant #4: Averno

Averno enters the match and sides with Juventud Guerrera against Ultimo Guerrero and El Zorro. With it now being two on two, nobody is in any danger of being eliminated. The team of Averno and Juventud Guerrera nearly get both El Zorro and Ultimo Guerrero eliminated when the next man arrives.

Entrant #5: Super Crazy

The crowd goes crazy as Super Crazy enters the ring. With a sudden burst of energy, Super Crazy charges forward and knocks both Ultimo Guerrero and El Zorro out of the ring!

Eliminated: El Zorro & Ultimo Guerrero

The former alliance of Juventud Guerrera and Averno breaks apart and it’s every man for himself as all three begin battling it out. Super Crazy nearly has Juventud Guerrera eliminated when the next entrant arrives.

Entrant #6: Psychosis

Another fan favorite, Psychosis enters the match and targets the other major fan favorite, Super Crazy. With the help of both Juventud Guerrera and Averno, Psychosis manages to eliminate Super Crazy.

Eliminated: Super Crazy

With both men’s back turned temporarily, Psychosis runs and clotheslines both Juventud Guerrera and Averno right over the top rope and out of the match, elimination #3 for Psychosis!

Eliminated: Averno & Juventud Guerrera

Although he hasn’t been in the match for very long, Psychosis has already established himself as a major force, somebody you don’t want to mess with. Who can stop him, perhaps it’s entrant #7?

Entrant #7: La Park

The legendary La Park enters the match which causes Psychosis for some reason to go into run away mode, for whatever reason Psychosis wants nothing to do with La Park. La Park thinks it’s funny, he also knows that he shouldn’t waste his energy chasing him around the ring, he just wait until more help arrives.

Entrant #8: Aero Star

The young Aero Star enters the ring and he immediately teams up with La Park to take on Psychosis. Now two against one, all Psychosis can do is hold on for dear life and hope that he can survive. Psychosis remains clinging to the top rope as the next man arrives.

Entrant #9: Extreme Tiger

Entrant #9 is another younger luchador named Extreme Tiger. Extreme Tiger breaks up the coalition of Aero Star and La Park, allowing Psychosis to roll back in to the ring and avoid elimination. Attempting to show his gratitude, Psychosis extends his hand to Extreme Tiger. Unsure of what to do, he shakes his hand and then out of the blue pulls him in and tosses him over the top rope for the elimination!

Eliminated: Psychosis

Now with one strong challenger out of the way, he turns his attention to the other, La Park. Extreme Tiger begins attacking La Park. Luckily for La Park, Aero Star shows him some loyalty by fighting off Extreme Tiger. Aero Star and Extreme Tiger begin doing battle as the final entrant makes their way in to the ring.

Entrant #10: Mistico

One of the biggest names in Mexico, Mistico enters the match, not siding with anybody, going after all comers. The first man he goes after is Aero Star, who is still protecting La Park. Aero Star proves to be little competition for Mistico as Aero Star is quickly eliminated.

Eliminated: Aero Star

Just three men remain. No more alliances, it’s every man for himself. Each man goes back and forth attacking everyone. One second La Park is on the brink, and the next it’s Extreme Tiger. After a brief squabble with La Park, Extreme Tiger finds himself on the brink once again. La Park tries and slowly but surely pushes Extreme Tiger over the edge and down to the floor below.

Eliminated: Extreme Tiger

It is now down to the final two, La Park and Mistico. La Park tries fighting back but the little effort he gives just does not match up to the effort Mistico is giving. La Park tries to hold on but Mistico just wants it more. After holding on for dear life, La Park eventually succumbs to pressure and falls to the floor below.

Eliminated: La Park

Winner: Mistico

Mistico is the winner and newest member of the Impact Wrestling roster! Congrats to him as the referee raises his hand in victory. Soon after the match is over, the hype begins for our main event, for the world heavyweight championship between Jeff Hardy and A.J. Styles.


Match #7: A.J. Styles vs. Jeff Hardy – Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Match

Coming back from commercial, it’s main event time, the match everyone’s been waiting for between “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles and “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy. The crowd goes wild for both men but especially Jeff Hardy who receives the best reaction of the night, even bigger than Hulk Hogan’s.

The match starts off very even, both men feeding off the energy from the crowd. A.J. Styles, being the underdog in this match at least from a crowd reaction standpoint, is the one that starts to pull away first. A.J. just seems better prepared and in better shape than Hardy. Styles uses a combination of ground and pound as well as his patented aerial attack to wear Hardy down and try to take the momentum away from him. Despite being at a slight disadvantage, Hardy still manages to hold his own, remaining in good standing even as Styles continues to wear on him. Again though, the crowd remains firmly behind Jeff Hardy. Styles begins increasing the intensity, hoping to get it to a point where he may be able to hit one of his finishers. This increase in intensity has an effect on Hardy for the first time in the match. Hardy slows begins losing control of the match. Styles, feeling confident, begins increasing the intensity even more, to the point where he readies Hardy for the Styles Clash. As he has him in position, the crowd begins chanting “Hardy, Hardy, Hardy” which has an almost Hulk-Up like effect to him, giving him a second wind which he uses to battle out of the hold and back to his feet. Now back to his feet, Hardy fires on all cylinders which catches Styles completely off guard, to the point where Hardy is able to hit the Twist of Fate! With the crowd at a fever pitch, Hardy climbs to the top rope, dives off, and hits a beautiful swanton bomb right on Styles. Hardy then covers Styles as the ref counts 1, 2, 3! We have a new champion!

Winner and New Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy

The crowd erupts as the ref hands Hardy the belt. Hardy holds it proudly up high the crowd chants his name. Just as he is about to leave the ring, suddenly the lights go out. Not long after that, the sound of rain, and thunder begins echoing throughout the Garden. No one is sure of what to make of this until the spotlight catches someone in the rafters, that man being “The Icon” Sting. Sting, with no expression on his face whatsoever, points his baseball bat down at Hardy as Hardy looks up. The show concludes with a shot of the two staring each other down.


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