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Re: Two big matches tomorrow night on Impact

Originally Posted by alex1997 View Post
That beermoney vs Aries/hardy idea is awesome maybe they'll have both matches be interfered and turn it into a tag match...Hardy never cuts promo anymore and when he does they last like 20 seconds

That would definitely work better rather than giving us Roode/Hardy and Aries/Storm. Hogan could perhaps go Teddy Long after the opening promo between the four wrestlers gets out of hand or a little intense. Another way, Roode could get himself disqualified in his match with Hardy by hitting him with a beer bottle or chair until someone comes out out for the save(possibly setting up a rematch at TP) then have Hogan come out to make the tag match the Main Event. Wishful thinking, once again.

Originally Posted by ErrybodyTaps View Post
Well yeah. Some first time ever matches shouldn't be given away on Impact, would have much preferred they did Beer Money vs Hardy/Aries (someone mentioned this a few days ago) on the go home show.

They kinda screwed my idea when they decided to start having Aries teasing a potential heel turn on the horizon and having him in a more or less defined tweener role instead of just trying to keep Aries vs Hardy a face vs face matchup. While Aries was never a cookie cutter babyface, through the summer he was defintely playing more of a babyface character (though not a pure babyface) than his current jealous tweener teasing heel turn.

It's not as easy to create top babyface stars and Aries was on his way to becoming one. After Hogan puts Aries over like no other and they gave him the title, TNA should have put all their chips in on Aries. All he needed was the company backing him through booking and with a clean win against Hardy at BFG and they could likely cement that. There is still a chance they could cement this with an Aries win (clean) at BFG and Hardy raises Aries hand in the post match and subsequently puts Austin over in an Impact promo post BFG as the present and future of the company.
You're right, in order to make it work best Aries would have to beat Hardy clean at BFG. However, I don't think Aries going more tweener, rather than a straight up face, would necessarily screw with you're idea but possibly even help it. After Storm became the number one contender after BFG by finally defeating Roode he could've cut a promo on Impact talking about how it was a year ago when he won/lost the World title, only for Aries to come out and interrupt Storm to remind him that he was the one who defeated Roode for the World title because Storm couldn't get the job done. When TNA needed a hero to step up and defeat Bobby Roode for the title, Aries was the one who did it, not Storm.

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