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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by K1ngOfK1ngs View Post
The main reason why I only rank PPV matches , is that I feel the need to watch EVERYTHING that I'm ranking. What I mean by that is, if I want to include one TV match that I think is awesome, I'd have to review all the Championship TV matches in order to give the great ones justice.

There's just so fucking many of them, and they include matches such as Yoko/Crush and other AMAZING matches... Even if I'm 99.9 percent sure the match will suck, I NEED to watch it in order to give it a fair review. I HATE it when somebody rates something without actually seeing it (A staple that I think we see far too often, leading to various matches becoming overrated/ underrated).

I'm sure that if I included TV matches, we'd have Taker/Angle from SD 06, HHH/Benoit from Raw 04, HBK/Benoit from Raw 04, and the like...But if I included those, I'd feel the need to go out of my way and watch every single WHC TV match ever...Think I'm going to go look and see how many there exactly are, because if there's less than 70 or so, I might consider taking you up on that.
I'm sure there's quite a bit for WHC and WWE Title matches... though I actually don't know why I predicted Taker/Angle SD06 since I knew you were only doing PPV matches.

For Undisputed title matches though, there surely can't be more than 70 matches in total. I mean, off the top of my head:

Jericho/Austin Vengeance 01
Jericho/Rock RR
Jericho/Maven on Raw/SD (if that was for the Undisputed Title)
Jericho/Austin NWO
Jericho/HHH WM18
HHH/Jericho/Stephanie Raw
HHH/Hogan BL
Hogan/Jericho SD
Hogan/Flair Raw/SD
Hogan/Taker JD
Taker/RVD Raw after JD
Taker/Orton Raw/SD (if match was for Undisputed Title, it was a squash)
Taker/Hardy Raw Ladder Match
Taker/Angle SD same week of Raw ladder match with Jeff
Taker/Rock/Angle Vengeance 02
Rock/Eddie Raw (if it was for title)
Rock/Benoit SD
Rock/Lesnar SS (last Undisputed Title match)

19 matches from my count if all of those were for the Undisputed title. May be missing one. I'm not sure, but Taker may have faced Jeff a week before the ladder match for the title which then lead to the ladder match, but I may be completely off on that one.

Speaking of Undisputed title, Taker's run owned. The Vengeance triple threat, the ladder match with Hardy, and the SD match with Angle were all awesome. Also I believe the RVD match on Raw was good as well, though I need to re-watch it. That's the one where RVD pinned Taker with Taker's foot on the rope, and Flair restarts the match. Of course, there were his PPV matches with Hogan and HHH... which were poor, especially the HHH match. The Hogan match at least you could've expected that being Hogan, but HHH? Even if by that point it was clear he was a shell of his former self, I'd still think he could do better than Hogan. Damn, that match was a mess.

I'm watching you...

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