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Re: Slater, Mahal & McIntyre Faction

Originally Posted by peter93 View Post
Can anyone see anything good coming out of this?

I believe they all have good enough talent to get over as the next big faction only if used properly, Slater and Mahal i believe have natural mic skills and if given airtime can get over with the fans, and McIntyre has a good star look about him.

Seems like Slater is gonna be the 'leader' of this group and i dont think i think i speak for myself on this one saying the guy is very talented and is a short push away from getting the IC belt and then moving on to main event Wrestlemania 30 maybe against the rock?
I'm not sure if you're being serious or sarcastic with that comment. I hope it's sarcasm. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were being sarcastic.

My opinions of these 3 guys:

Heath Slater: He seems more like the kind of heel you turn the channel on when he's up there as opposed to want to see him lose. The only time Slater was EVER interesting was when a legend would come out each week to beat him. And that was only interesting because of seeing the legends. Slater himself was by far the worst part of those segments. Now, with no legends, he's unbearable imo.

Draw McIntyre: I thought he was fired. I keep hearing how this guy has talent, but why isn't he getting a shot if he has such great talent?

Jinder Mahal: Has probably the best look of the three, but his gimmick is very generic. He also needs work in the ring. I'd guess WWE would be more likely to push him because he's unique and impressive looking (helps marketability from a product recognition standpoint), but imo needs to work on his ring skills and badly needs a new gimmick. He can stay being Indian, but dude. . .why does the entire gimmick have to be centered around it?

As for the group itself, completely unimpressed, and it seems pointless. All groups, especially those made up of jobbers, need a leader who's already over and credible, or at least need a couple credible members. This group has neither. That's why the Nexus angle had such a rushed finished. It was getting very poor responses.

They need a legit leader if it's to work.
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