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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

My issue with Morrison is he's just not believeable enough to me in certain settings. I get they wanted to recreate the HBK Sexy Boy gimmick and get him over primarily with the women for his looks and the males for his athleticism, but to me he just wasn't good enough to be a face: the things he struggled at where covered up far better as a heel where he could rely more on douchebag behaviour and signature offence. I mean to me, he peaked in MNM (who were fucking awesome and a legit Best Team of the Decade contender for WWE) and then after that would have occasional glimpses of good showings under the Morrison character. Never really enjoyed ECW era Johnny Nitro at all.

His offence was generally pretty dire, especially when he began focusing more of forearm, knee and kick strikes. He just didn't look like a 'striker' in any respect of the word and I could never muster any interest in those matches. If he was going to stick to a babyface he should have just been a flyer with the odd traditional wrestling move to establish he had a bit of technical awareness. Whoever thought he should incorporate more strikes into his game really needs a kick in the head, everything about his look made it impossible to take his strikes seriously.

He was a really good seller when he wanted to be however. The TLC Ladder match vs Sheamus is probably the best singles ladder match the company put on since Benoit/Jericho Royal Rumble 2001. Creative and innovative use of the ladder by Sheamus, great selling by Morrison coupled by a central focus of the limb in everything Sheamus did, smart teasing and then later delivering on visually pleasing spots which were creative and also helped add to the drama with Morrison desperately needing a comeback and they at least managed to make the typically poor 'slow climb' realistic with Morrison having one leg fucked. The only really blatant choreographed spot came right at the end and looked suitably brutal, and for the most part the match was built around the ladder coming into play to incapacitate Morrison instead of elaborate spot after elaborate spot.
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