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Re: Cena's promo got to me

I won't be surprised that if Cena raped a 10 year old girl, bigdog40 will be the first to defend him, you call this blind Cena hate every time, you claim that this thread has been done to death yet you post the same bs on every Cena topic

it's always the same "Cena blind hate" with you, EVEN THO in the thread I explained why this specific promo got to me, and that normally I don't mind a Cena promo nor care I just kick it, even his promos with Rock (believe it or not, I actually said all that in the thread, yes this thread .. SHOCKING right ?)

and for the record, I never said that Cena is a bad promo cutter, nor did I say BS like he has 3 or 4 moves cause I honestly don't believe that, and I had to bring in the 3 moves argument because somewhere in that pink brain of yours, you think that i'm just a random smark who hates Cena and believe that "OMG CENA CAN'T WRESTLEZ!!!11"

maybe if you'd bother to look at things from a logical perspective, you'll understand what's my gripe with that certain promo

blind Cena hate ? more like blind Cena dickriding

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