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Re: That Was It?

Originally Posted by Evil Peter View Post
I'd appreciate it if you stopped using straw man arguments. That doesn't help anyone. If he had been squashing bigger stars I'd still complain because it's the squash that's the problem. Squash matches aren't the least bit interesting in a scripted sport in my view as it tells the flattest story ever told, and it usually makes for significantly easier ring work. Sure, to have a squash or three when you're debuting works to show off some of your moves, but after that it gets boring. What's impressive to me is putting on matches where you have to work both to look good yourself and to make your opponent look good, while telling a story. So if Ryback had actually gotten some real matches and done well I certainly wouldn't be complaining about that, although his character probably makes him no-sell a lot of things and that not fun either.

I've also yet to figure out why he yells "finish it" and then go for the finish. Is he talking to himself? If so, why?

And I definitely disagree about mic work. That's how you actually bring out a character and it's impossible to have any depth without it, plus that scripted matches don't actually mean much without drama. It doesn't mean that you have to talk for a long time, as that's for the ones that's the best at it, but it definitely requires more than repeating one thing over and over. Cesaro is a great example of a wrestler that gets me excited for what's to come. He looks very good in the ring when he's gotten longer match time and he conveys his character very well in his promos, despite that his 5 language thing is often scripted pretty silly by just saying one word five times. I feel completely certain that Cesaro will be up to the task when he's being pushed higher.

So no, I don't think it's impressive because I don't think looking a certain way is impressive, and his push (which includes getting to be the counterweight to the biggest heel, while mostly standing still) isn't his doing. I hope he can be impressive when he's actually put to some proper use, but we'll see when that happens.
It isn't a straw man argument. I bolded what you just claimed I straw man argued, yet you just said the exact same thing I said that you're calling a straw man argument.

So thanks for clearing that up for yourself rather than deny it. But no thanks for lying about what I said being a straw man since it's what you believed anyway. I'm guessing you just wanted to use that term since I used it against you last week properly. I don't use logical fallacies or try to pass off my opinion like it means more than facts, unlike you. If I say something that seems to reply to something that isn't in the post I'm replying to, it's because I'm using something you said elsewhere to support an argument.

Onto the rest of that paragraph, none of it was a point, all you did was tell me your opinion, which tbh, doesn't mean much. You've already established that you don't like Ryback or what he brings, so you aren't telling us anything we don't already know about you. I'm not going to debate your opinion because you can't prove someone's opinion wrong, it's just what they think. You can think what you want.

What I will do though, is point out that you're a huge Punk mark. You've been posting your dislike of Ryback very vehemently after he was put up against Punk. It's fairly obvious where your disdain for Ryback comes from. Pretty relevant fact when put up next to your opinions. Maybe you should preface your posts with "I'm a Punk mark", so people know the main reason why you don't like Ryback.

I've also yet to figure out why he yells "finish it" and then go for the finish. Is he talking to himself? If so, why?
Is that supposed to be a joke? Or are you just feigning extreme ignorance to nitpick something else about him? He obviously does it to get the crowd excited. Many other wrestlers do the same thing. CM Punk yells "nap time" and puts his hands to his cheek, Cena does the "You can't see me" thing, etc. This shit isn't new. . .at all. Even 20 years ago wrestlers were doing it.

The mic work thing, you brought up a terrible example. Cesaro barely says anything on the mic, and in fact literally repeats himself 5 times in every promo. But hey, he gets you interested in what's to come next. . .even though you just said it requires one to do more than repeat the same thing over and over, and that's the main thing Cesaro does.

You also can't legitimately bitch about him being put against a heel to get a push, since not only does damn near everyone get their big start that way, but your hero Punk got his super stardom by being put up against a much bigger guy at the time in John Cena. It's funny how you complain about things, yet are totally okay with it if someone you like does it.

You're a hypocrite dude. All 3 of your points go against the guys you actually like. Yet it only matters when someone you don't like falls into that category.
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