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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Nice batch this round K1ngofK1ngs. I actually agree with most/I'm within 1/4* of yours. My order for the batch would be:

1) Orton/Christian OTL 11
2) Edge/Cena BL 09
3) Taker/Batista CS 07
4) Raw EC 2009
5) Punk/Hardy SS 09
6) Orton/Christian SS 11
7) Taker/Batista BL 07
8) Orton/Benoit SS 04
9) Benoit/Kane BB 04
10) SD EC 2010

I think I know a few matches that will be in the top 10. Taker/Angle NWO06 for sure or I'll have to kill you in your sleep (hell, I might just consider that if it's not in your top 5 ), maybe their SD match as well (since I haven't seen that yet on your list I don't think). WM20 and BL04 Triple Threats and Batista I'm sure will be on there (I'm sure you have the Mania triple threat at ***** and I think I remember seeing you put Batista/HHH at *****). So that's half the rest of the list if I'm not mistaken. The other half... er... not sure.

My WHC Top 10 would be (I think I may have posted it a short time ago, but can't remember):

1) Taker/Angle NWO 06
2) Taker/Batista WM23 (Note: Between Taker/Batista WM23 and Batista/HHH Vengeance, I can never settle on which to put over the other. Both are even in my hands for different reasons, but ultimately... and this is no secret... I naturally enjoy a Taker match more than a HHH match, which is what it comes down to right now)
3) Batista/HHH Vengeance 05
4) Benoit/HBK/HHH WM20
5) Orton/Christian OTL 11
6) Taker/Angle SD06
7) Edge/Cena BL 09
8) Benoit/HBK/HHH BL 04
9) Taker/Batista CS 07
10) Raw EC 2009

Wonder if I'm missing something. I feel like I am.

Also, K1ngofK1ng's, not sure if they were included in WWE Title matches (don't remember), but maybe you could do a separate list for all the Undisputed Title matches on TV/PPV (I'm sure there can't be more than 75 of them... I think). That would be an interesting list imo. Hell, I'd probably do it if I wanted to have nightmares about Taker/HHH KOTR again.

As far as best chemistry, hands down Taker/HBK. Three classics, and worst match is still very good. Not to mention their Rumble mini-match being the best Rumble ending sequence ever imo, it's those two easily for me.

I'm watching you...

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