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Re: Homeland Season 2

Originally Posted by scrilla View Post
i think the lie detector was just a red herring for THAT episode. if Saul is the mole then this show makes no sense and i'll never watch again.

also i don't think you can compare Walter White escaping to Brody escaping. Brody has shown he's not a sociopath, while Walter clearly is. Walter is also a legitimate genius while Brody is a dude that repeated 10th grade.

if the show ends with Brody getting caught it has about 3-4 seasons left including this one before it gets too contrived. first of all he notably starts acting weird both in the finale in the chamber w/ all the people and in the room last episode. if nobody notices that then they should all be fired. he just texted the top terrorist when he was about to be assassinated while surrounded by top officials. there's no believable way this show could go past a few more seasons without the government catching on. not just Saul and Carrie.

as great as Brody is he's not the main protagonist. Carrie is the protagonist and Brody is the antagonist. another reason the Walter White comparison doesn't really work as he's meant to be the main protagonist in Breaking Bad.
To me Brody is the only thing in the show thats really interesting. If the show just became Carrie battling with different foreign terrorist' every season it would get boring quickly. The family man/national hero who's actually working for the worlds biggest terrorist Abu Nazir, is whats really interesting. Him trying to hide his dark secret from his family and the CIA is imo what drives the show.

Yeah i know Walter is the main character on Breaking Bad and Carrie is Homeland's main character. But Walter really is the antagonist in Breaking Bad and Hank is the protagonist. Just like Breaking Bad needs Hank and Walter, Homeland needs Carrie and Brody, the only way either of them should go is when the show ends.

I do agree with you if that if Brody stays the show really should only go another 2 or 3 seasons. Much like Breaking Bad is stopping at season 5.

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