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Re: Smackdown 10/12, Main Event, Superstars & SMS Spoilers

Hi all, I was at the show last night so here's my (super detailed) live report, had a decently good time but the show ran from 7-10:35PM or so which was just too long.

+ Shirts in order of popularity were led by Cena, then I'd say Bryan (several boyfriends/girlfriends with Yes/No pairs), Punk (heard some people wearing the yellow ones saying they didn't like it), Ryback, and Ziggler (mostly his new shirt, the pink ones have mysteriously disappeared). Idk about Orton shirts since they're so inconspicuous.
+ Ticket said doors would open at 5:45PM, didn't actually happen until 6:10 or so. You'd think they'd do it faster to get people in the seats for the pre-Smackdown shows, not sure if this is on WWE or the arena. The whole upper bowl was tarped off, and as the night progressed so were several lower-bowl sections on the hard-camera side.
+ We had floor seats (8 rows behind the announce table) which were neat, my first time that close (I'd sat in the lower bowl for Elimination Chamber 2011 in Oracle Arena and Summerslam 2011). When this buzz-type sound started, people started cheering thinking the show would begin; when it went away people started cheering thinking the show would begin.
+ Heard at least three times: "Omg the disco ball! Brodus is going to be here!!!!" Also dueling Yes/No chants and failed attempts at Cena, RKO, and “We Want Nexus” chants.
+ Show started with a Wrestlemania 28 recap. Biggest responses I can recall were for Cena/Rock, Triple H/Undertaker (Triple H got a big response), then Sheamus.

+ Barrett/Kidd: Both guys were pretty over, even Kidd (there was this little kid next to me yelling “Go Kidd! Sharpshooter!” at random times. Makes you wonder if dumbing down the product is so necessary. But he was so excited, whenever I clapped for Barrett he would jump up and clap too). Odd spot where Barrett taunted by jumping on one foot and flapping his arms, then Kidd fairly quickly put a submission on the same leg. The Souvenir is pretty lame (he actually did a similar elbow earlier in the match without the face-grabbing that looked stronger), but the crowd seemed to buy it.
+ Cesaro/Gabriel: Cesaro got a good reaction plus some USA chants, Gabriel not so much. Don’t remember too much about the match, few too many rest holds, but Cesaro’s shoulder taunt is catching on.
+ Lillian Garcia came out to a nice response, but with a ridiculous entrance video that can only be described as soft porn on a beach. Miz got a fine reaction, nothing to write home about. Also noted lots of talking between the referees and ring announcers pre-match, and the active camera was denoted with a red light.
+ Orton/Show: Not sure why Main Event comes before SMS, seems like odd pacing. Fans hated Show, but Orton was definitely not as over as I was expecting, he had sort of his Legend Killer-buzz cut going on (for his movie I’m assuming). I remember this match was loooong and mostly dull with lots of Show stalling, and when he went for the pin after the chokeslam Orton was twitching and squirming, but after about 5 minutes of lying down Orton walked off with a referee and some sort of medical guy.
+ Kofi/McGillicutty: Fairly unmemorable, people do like Kofi though, no R-Truth. Miz promo followed to set up next week’s Main Event main event for the IC title, he said some minorly intriguing things about how Kofi’s just around to have fun rather than win titles, Kofi said maybe he’s hiding a dagger behind his smile.
+ Brodus/Cody: Reactions were fine for both, nothing special. With the head restrictions, definitely noticed fewer punches and headbutts than usual, and I want to say Cody did a dropkick to the body. Mildly amusing spot in the middle where Cody wanted to dance then did the Carlton (from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), then Brodus mocked it. Cody also spent some time arguing with Dolph (who popped up out of nowhere at the announce table), not sure if it means anything since it’s on SMS.

+ WMD/Brogue Kick: Sheamus got probably the biggest reaction of the night. Striker (and Miz earlier) kept referring to the WMD as the KO Punch. Brogue Kick registered at ~1300 psi, WMD at ~1800 psi which seemed reasonable enough. Booker T was not the world’s best emcee here. Tensai attacked Sheamus from behind and left, so naturally Sheamus ran to the ring for a match. White Noise on Tensai looked impressive enough (you’d figure it would be more difficult than Shell Shocked).
+ Encore/Cobro: Good reactions for all, especially Ryder. All of Encore played air guitar and Slater said “We’re a band!” so apparently that’s their new name. Ryder’s offense and mannerisms are so stale. Slater won with his newest Finisher of the Month, a wheelbarrow facebuster which looks a bit like Edge’s Winning Edge bulldog (thanks Wikipedia!).
+ Dolph/Kane: Showed a Dolph Tout about how he lost not to one but two people on Monday. Kane got a great response as did Vickie, but Dolph honestly came out to most people on their hands. To be fair there were dueling Let’s go Kane/Ziggler chants later. Long unspectacular match, Bryan came out for the save and Yes/No was in full effect.
+ Show/Kingston: Show got a nice enough reaction for his third time out here, seemed people were sort of tired of Kofi though (and for Miz who came out pre-match). Show caught Trouble in Paradise which I imagine was due to the Brogue Kick similarity. Another promo, there’s something about Miz’s style when he goes off-the-cuff that’s a bit shaky.
+ Backstage segments: Orton may have said something about how unlike lightning, a viper can strike twice, but I was asleep by then. Feels like the crowd always wants a cue from him to cheer. OK comedy between Santino/Ricardo and Bryan/ADR, I remember hearing an interview where someone informed Bryan that GOAT means “greatest of all time” so I think it’s neat that he’s incorporated this a few times in his promos.
+ Sin Cara/Sandow: Good reactions for both (incidentally Palo Alto is about 20 miles northwest of San Jose). Minor botch on one of Sin Cara’s elaborate counters but no big deal. Sin Cara got a clean-enough pin, and Cody and Damien did their expected yelling, of course when the cameras cut away they walked up the ramp as if nothing happened.
+ ADR/Bryan: Bryan got a fine reaction, most everybody was doing the Yes chant but it didn’t seem too loud. As usual the crowd wasn’t loud for ADR but they all stand up for his entrance; however he got pretty good heat from his taunts and whatnot. Did not like the ending at all, Bryan had the No Lock in for a good 30 seconds, then ADR no-sold it and applied the Cross Armbreaker to a fast-tapping submission specialist. ADR cut a quick promo afterward, then Orton popped up behind him and ultimately RKO’d Ricardo on the announce table.

+ Big Show came out yet again in some odd gym clothes and told Orton to get out of his ring because he was moving on to Sheamus. Orton attacked Show, ADR came in for the double-team, then Sheamus ran into Brogue Kick ADR while Orton RKO’d Show. Night ended with Sheamus and Orton glad-handing fans (Sheamus posed with a kid with white facepaint and dyed-red hair, which was cute).

All in all had a good time, bummed that Cody lost and certainly not much story development but always a fun atmosphere attending a live event.
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