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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Ah fair enough, seems like a lost gem in their series.

I said it a few pages back about Orton possibly being Benoit's best opponent in WWE at least in terms of consistency, and it got me to think about if anyone in the WWE has actually ever had better chemistry on a consistent basis? I mean they've had a good 5/6 singles matches and I can't recall any of them ever being below very good. I'm probably talking around 5 matches or more here, rather than just a couple of really good matches from 2 wrestlers.

Eddie/Mysterio seems like a given, but they do have the Wrestlemania 20 match as a minor blemish on their otherwise brilliant chemistry (Summerslam 05 isn't too great either, but we're picking at straws here).

Angle/Austin is probably also up there. Summerslam 2001 is a classic, Unforgiven match is a definite notch and a bit below that one but still good in its own right. Their on and off TV matches from 2001-2002 are also of significant quality.

Benoit/Regal and Benoit/Finlay would also be up there, though they have a few matches less than the other pairings.

Punk/Mysterio for more recent times seems like a good shout. Armageddon 2008, the fabulous 2/12/10 SD encounter, Wrestlemania 26 being a super sub 10 minute match, ER and OTL 2010 being well above good, Capitol Punishment 2011 being the match of the show etc.

I suppose Punk/Cena may just edge out Orton/Benoit, on account of MITB, Summerslam and NOC as well as their TV matches from 2011-2012. They definitely were given more opportunities to have more than 1 'truly great, near classic' encounter than Orton/Benoit.
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