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Re: If TNA hadn't fucked Anderson's character

It's easy to see when you watch Anderson that he does whatever he's asked. He has never come over as a strong character whether face or heel. When he joined Immortal he got Bully over because he became his bitch. He's been RVD's bitch, Sting's bitch etc etc. He's never been that Triple H type heel or Steve Austin type face that could go in and kick everyone's ass.

The guy is good at getting others over and doesn't seemed to have ever turned down the idea, which he may have been better off doing (look at last week how weak he let himself look against Joe.)

Anderson is meant to be a heel and meant to be on his own, that's when he's at his best.

He gets put to sleep by Joe two weeks ago and then last week he once again gets buried by Bully Ray as he lay on the ground after the Aces & 8s attack, how is a face suppose to gain momentum from that? Hopefully this leads to a heel turn and Anderson can finally get back on track.

Also, the guy was off TNA programming for six months because "creative had nothing for him" and they were trying to develop/get over Aries/Roode/Storm/Bully at the time so their is more then meets the eye.

Anyway, turn the guy heel and give him a chance.

Here this feud would be good for both guys as both have been pretty stagnant:
(babyface) Aj Styles vs (heel) Mr. Anderson <----- would you really not want to see that? Anderson could do a great job of shooting AJ back into singles relevance and getting back his bad guy persona.

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