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Re: Smackdown 10/12, Main Event, Superstars & SMS Spoilers

Originally Posted by DoubleDeckerBar View Post
I have no problem with them building Cody back up again, he's far too good to be Sin Cara's personal jobber, just don't trample all over Sandow in doing so. Is it so hard to let them both climb the ranks? Cody got the pin over The Uso's, let Sandow get the pin over Santino & Zack, it's just logical booking.

They've gone out of their way to make Sandow look like the weaker link, even on Smackdown in the lumberjack match a few weeks ago. Kane and Bryan absolutely destroyed Sandow with about 20 chair shots, along with all the other lumberjacks. Cody got hit once then disappeared.

I even understand using Rhodes music, he's a bigger star, the fans will respond to his theme more. They just need to start making them feel more equal, if Cody gets the pin again on Monday, I'll be pretty annoyed.
To be fair, Sandow could easily get the pin on Monday, not to mention he has been given at the very least equal mic time to Cody (although Rhodes gets the best lines ). Plus, Rhodes had to job to Clay on SMS this week (worse than losing to Cara btw), although it's not surprising seeing as the ban to hits on the neck hurts Rhodes a lot (Cross-Rhodes and maybe the Disaster Kick too would be banned).

At the minute they're doing well. Sandow not looking so good to me seems more like circumstance than anything.
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