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Re: People say that the problem is all with the writing and the roster is amazing....

Originally Posted by Thecreepygeek View Post
Too many chefs in the kitchen in regards to the creative side.
It shows.

Take CM Punk for example.

In the last 4 years he's turned face/heel/face/heel/

They should have sent him to Smackdown(To feud with Sheamas, Bryan & Del Rio) instead of turning him heel to be fed to Cena again.
Orton and Wade would make great antagonists for Cena on Raw as they've proved in the past.
A faction of Wade, Orton, HHH, Heyman and Lesner Vs Vince, Cena, Steph and friends(Rock, HBK, Undertaker).
There's a years worth of storyline to be written there alone.

Over on Smackdown you'll have Punk to carry the load and draw viewers in with "wrestling"
Punk vs Sin Cara, Hunico, Drew, Dibase, Hart etc...
Punk can keep the story running with his pipe bombs and they'd all be great matches.
Turn Bryan face so he and Punk can bounce of one another all year then have them clash in the Rumble or something setting up a match for WM. instead of the crappy AJ GF crap we had to absorb this year.

It is the writers who are to blame. They're afraid of taking chances.
Like Wade being held back. He's got main event talent which he's proven already. Sure he's green in the ring but he's a damn site better then a Ryback who can't even speak.

Wade is this generations HHH. The rubbish theme and gimmick is mid-card. Blame the writers for that.

CM Punk shouldn't be on anything but the A show.

[x] Wade Barrett wins any championship
[x] Dean Ambrose Debuts
[] Damien Sandow wins any championship
[] WHC and WWE Championship are unified
[] Christian wins another main event title
[x] Chris Jericho returns
[x] WWE Championship design is changed
[x] CM Punk vs The Rock

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